15 Mar 2020

Wellbet News: UEFA considers postponing the European Cup to December this year

Wellbet en:Live broadcast March 16th According to the Spanish Cell radio, UEFA is considering delaying the European Cup to December this year.

During the epidemic, FIFA and UEFA maintained close liaison to coordinate arrangements for various events. UEFA will discuss the postponement of the European Cup in a video conference on Tuesday, and FIFA is upset that they have not been invited to the meeting.

The media pointed out that this year's European Cup was originally scheduled to take place from June to July. FIFA opposed the plan to postpone the European Cup for one year, because the New World Cup would have to be postponed to 2022, and 2022 Qatar World Cup. In contrast, they are more willing to accept the European Cup postponed to December this year, UEFA will analyze the feasibility of this move in the meeting. However, the European Cup extension plan needs to be agreed by the national leagues before it can be officially implemented.

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13 Mar 2020

Wellbet News: Reporter: Juventus Champions League match or postponed Ronaldo to stay in Portugal until early April

Wellbet en:Ronaldo may stay in Portugal until the end of this month

Live broadcast March 12th According to reporter Claudia Garcia, Ronaldo has obtained permission to stay in Portugal. As Juventus' Champions League game may be postponed, Ronaldo may stay in Portugal until the end of this month and wait until the national team matches in early April. Return to Turin.

Earlier media reports said that Serie A was suspended due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, and Ronaldo returned to Portugal with Georgina and his children. It is reported that Ronaldo returned to Funchal, where he was born, to accompany his mother, whose mother suffered a cerebral blood vessel problem on March 2.

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12 Mar 2020

Wellbet News: Exposure of the Champions League and the UEFA Champions League

Wellbet en: The Champions League becomes a single-field system?
According to the French "Team Report", UEFA is studying various schemes in order to finish the remaining Champions League and UEFA Cup matches as far as possible. UEFA is likely to change the game system, and some ideas are very creative.

At present, the five major European leagues are facing the possibility of a complete shutdown, including the Champions League Manchester City against Real Madrid, and Juventus vs Lyon have also been postponed. UEFA currently refuses to suspend all matches, but they know that it is impossible to finish all matches as scheduled, and UEFA President Cheferin and his men have also started designing various suspension schemes.

News from Team News
According to the "Team Report", the postponement of the European Cup to 2021 has been basically determined, and the Champions League and the UEFA Cup may change the game system. Many matches have been postponed, and it is very difficult to schedule the schedule as scheduled.

UEFA considers two possibilities. The first is to shorten the schedule and change the two rounds of the knockout into a definite victory. In this way, the two rounds of the Champions League knockout game that has been played for many years will be changed, and the game may be arranged in a neutral position away from the epidemic.

The second possibility is to change the Champions League to a tournament system, and consider changing the top 4 and even the top 8 games into one place.

"Team News" revealed that the UEFA Cup may also use the same system as the Champions League. But see if the game is going to take place. It is worth mentioning that the Champions League final is played in Istanbul, and the current outbreak in Turkey is not serious.

Next Tuesday, Cheferin and his team will decide how to finish the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup this season. In any case, the postponement of major competitions has directly affected the European Cup. If the situation does not improve significantly, it is no longer possible to host the European Cup this summer.

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Wellbet News:Ronaldo will be tested for new crown virus to rule out the worst possible

Wellbet en: Cristiano Ronaldo
According to sources, Cristiano Ronaldo will be tested for the new crown virus to rule out the worst possibility.

Juventus player Lugani was confirmed to be infected with the new crown virus. Juventus' team has taken quarantine measures. People who have contacted Lugani have become closely watched. In a photo posted three days ago by Lugani himself, he and his teammates celebrated defeat to Inter Milan, at which point he should have won.

Lugani confirmed, Ronaldo became close contact
Serie A is suspended. After isolation, Ronaldo will leave Italy and return to Portugal to accompany his mother Dolores, who was recently admitted to the hospital due to a stroke and was fortunate to recover. To be on the safe side, as a close contact, Ronaldo will be tested for the new crown virus to rule out the worst.

Earlier, Paris Saint-Germain star Mbappe was absent from training for a sore throat and had also been tested for the virus, which turned out to be negative.

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11 Mar 2020

Wellbet News:Inter's opponents scared by the epidemic, dare not come: sentenced us to lose to Milan

Wellbet en: Getafe chairman resolutely does not go to Milan

Angela Torres, chairman of the La Liga Getafe club, insisted that the team will not go to Milan, Italy to participate in the UEFA Europa League, even if they are sentenced to lose.

Italy is suffering from the epidemic, and Milan in the north is one of the worst. Torres said: "Unless the situation changes significantly, Getafe will not go to Italy tomorrow. We asked UEFA to consider a different place to play and we also sought help from the Spanish Football Association."

"If you judge us to lose, then judge us to lose, and I will not take this risk."

It is not known how UEFA will react to Getafe's refusal to enter Milan.

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Wellbet News: Tuchel Paris played very well today, coaching here is a treat

Wellbet en: Tuchel interviewed

Live broadcast March 12th. In the early morning of this morning, Paris Saint-Germain defeated Dortmund 2-0 at home in the Champions League eighth-final round, and advanced to the Champions League quarter-finals with a total score of 3-2. After the match, Paris coach Tuhel accepted Interview with the UEFA official website.

"The fans are great. They gave us great strength before the game. We sang on the bus together before the game. This victory is also dedicated to them." Tuchel said.

"We are playing like a team, this team is reliable. It is necessary to show that, and for me, coaching Paris Saint-Germain today is a treat."

"We have been winning the last 28 games. The team only lost the first match against Dortmund, and they only lost 1 goal, and people are as if we are fourth in the Ligue 1 and eliminated in the cup. Everyone wants to be a critic, it's easy. "

"Our goal has always been to control the game, and we did a good job in this area in the first half. Obviously, we will definitely suffer a lot in the game, but we survived together. We limited the space for the other party to play, players We work for each other. Although this is not intentional, we are also very threatening in the offense and defense transition. "

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wellbet news: Bartomeu Players know PR scandal is not true

Wellbet en: Bartomeu
Live broadcast March 11th According to the "World Sports News" report, Barcelona chairman Bartomeu gave an interview today and talked about the current situation of the team and the presidential election. In addition to the two news releases, the following is the rest of the interview.

——The current situation of the team

We are currently in a transition period and some players on this team have won everything and still have outstanding performances. The important thing is that in many clubs, the update of the lineup has made the old players in the team lose the opportunity to play, but I am very satisfied with our transition, because both the old and new players have performed well And Messi has always been the core of the team.

The club hopes to win all the titles it can get. Now we have a new coach who fits Barcelona's style and I am very optimistic about his prospects here. It is true that we will face many questions and criticisms, but we must wait patiently.

——The scandal the club has experienced before

Before becoming chairman, I was a member of Barcelona. I know this has always been a very democratic club where members can express their opinions in their own way.

——What is your impression among the fans

I never thought about it because I haven't completed my term. It is an honor to be able to contribute to Barcelona, ​​it is not only a club, members can express different opinions.

——Club finances

Barcelona's current financial situation is very good. Although our salary levels are close to the menacing set by UEFA, our fiscal performance is good. The financing plan for the new project is coming to an end and the budget will exceed 680 million euros. In short, the current situation is much better than when I joined in 2010.

——Coaches coached in Barcelona

I have not been able to witness the splendor of all the coaches in Barcelona history. One of the most legendary coaches is Guardiola, who has sublimated this team and the concept of the game.

——Looking forward to the championship

I hope to win all competitions. Cruyff, Rijkaard and Guardiola instilled the blood of the winner. We must be the side of the victory. I firmly believe that a beautiful performance can bring victory to the game, and it will be easier when we have Messi.

——Other chairperson candidates

No matter how different the political stance is, it will be good for Barcelona's development. This will be an interesting election. I do not intend to elect ahead of time, my term will end in 2021, and we will discuss it again at that time.
——Views on Barcelona's PR door

I answered this question two or three weeks ago, and the club did not confront anyone through social networks. Nowadays we should not only focus on traditional and local media, but also look globally. I have never instructed anyone to report on those things. I also talked to the players, they knew it wasn't true, and calmed me down.

——The future development of the team

We are welcoming a new generation of young players, including players from the second team and from other teams. It's not easy to get players from different countries and different age groups together, so even if we are doing well in the league and the Champions League, I am not satisfied. We have bigger ambitions and we need to continue to improve, that is, each game is better than the last.

-Valverde's departure

The coach is the soul of a team. When he feels exhausted, we must give the team new motivation. We talked to a candidate who was passionate and eager, and we thought he could do it.

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10 Mar 2020

Wellbet News: Queiroz: J Ronaldo is in poor condition and the coaching staff will help him

Wellbet en: J Luo

Live broadcast March 11th According to "Aspen" news, Colombian coach Queiroz said he and the coaching staff will help J Ronaldo, this season Ronaldo is not good because of injuries.

Ronaldo was included in Colombia's initial list of 34 against Venezuela and Chile. Queiroz said: "We know that Ronaldo is in a difficult situation, his situation is not ideal at the technical and professional level, and other players have not played much time. The situation of Ronaldo is very rare, this season is very rare for him, but the whole The coaching staff, and I in particular, are focused on helping all players. "

"As" said that despite suffering the worst season in Europe, Ronaldo still has the vision and skills that other Colombian players do not have. After last summer's Copa America, Ronaldo has not played for the country.

After the King's Cup match against Real Society on February 6 this year (Real Madrid was eliminated), J Luo has not yet played. His last appearance in La Liga was against Mallorca on October 19 last year.

This season J Ronaldo has only one goal (against Granada) and two assists (against Levante and Zaragoza) at Real Madrid, creating a new low for Real Madrid. He suffered four injuries this season, missing 76 days and 14 games, three injuries in the first half and one injury in the second half.

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wellbet news:Sidibe Mbappe is best for playing double forwards and moving on the left

Wellbet en: Mbappe

Live broadcast March 10th. Everton defender Sidibe recently talked about his national teammate Mbappe when he participated in the RMC show. The two were teammates during the Monaco period. Sidibe thinks Mbappe is best suited for a double forward And on the left.

When asked about Mbappe's most suitable position, Sidibe replied: "I think it is one of the double forwards. In Monaco, we had Falcao at the front. He was an all-round forward. He was very smart. Mbappe used his speed to attack his opponents, and he would also contribute to the team on the defensive end. On the wing position, Mbappe can also perform well, he has already demonstrated his ability . "

"But the closer Mbappe gets to the goal, the more threat he can create. He fits on the front line, where he can turn chances into goals or cause trouble for the opponent's defender. I think he might be better suited to play on the left so he can play Cut, dribbled into the penalty area, shot or crossed, but on the right, he can only choose to go outside and rarely make inward attempts. "

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9 Mar 2020

wellbet news:Navas Training with Neymar Mbappe allows me to keep improving

Wellbet en: Navas
Live broadcast March 10th. Navas recently accepted an interview with PSG TV. During the interview, he mentioned that the current atmosphere in the team is very united. Training with the outstanding forwards in the team can help himself to continuously improve.

Reporter: "What is the current atmosphere of the team?"

Navas: "The atmosphere is very good, it can be said to be very good! I feel that this team is very united. We want to win everything, and we know very well that if we want to win, we must put a lot of effort, be brave and take responsibility, A good way to meet these challenges. This is exactly what we have now. "

Reporter: "What's your relationship with Sergio Rico (Paris substitute goalkeeper)?"

Navas: "He is an outstanding goalkeeper on the field and a very good guy off the field. When you meet such a person, you will be very willing to communicate with him. In my professional career so far, I I have a good relationship with the people I meet. Of course, Rico is no exception. I often say that professional players are ordinary people. We have family, friends, and people we love. I think everyone deserves respect. "

Reporter: "Do you think that you can improve with the excellent forward players in the team?"

Navas: "This is good for me. Since I came here, I have said that training here with Neymar, Mbappe, Cavani, Icardi, and I can continue to improve myself. , This is a crazy thing. These are top-level offensive players, so I am also very motivated on the training field, they will make the defensive players find a better state. Fighting against them is always a challenge, this It helps us. And when you are on the field, you will be very relieved, because they will bear the responsibility of offense. They are eager for victory, and their efforts are very good for the unity of the team. help."

Reporter: "In the UEFA Champions League group stage match with Bruges, you saved a penalty and impressed us. Do you have any special skills for saving the penalty?"

Navas: "A lot of things are important for a penalty kick. This kind of thing often happens, even if we know in advance that this player kicked the penalty 10 times to the right, but this time in the game he It is possible that I changed the direction and then scored the goal. I feel that your intuition at that time was very important. You need to judge the atmosphere at that moment and observe the position of the penalty player. Many aspects can give you some tips. This will Help you to make a penalty. "

Reporter: "What do you think of your performance so far this season?"

Navas: "I came to a new club, a new league, and I need to slowly adapt. From the first day I came here, I have been working hard to integrate with this team and build good relationships with my teammates. . I feel like I'm doing pretty well. I still have a lot of room for improvement, and I'm very calm now. I always strive to be my best on the court, which allows me to perform more calmly. "

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wellbet news: Real Madrid lose Barcelona mouthpiece gloat: thank you!

Wellbet en: Real Madrid lose Barcelona mouthpiece gloat
After winning the national derby, Real Madrid did not chase and maintain their lead in the standings. They lost to Real Betis 1-2 in the morning and gave the top spot to Barcelona. With 11 rounds left in the league, Real Madrid are 2 points behind Barcelona.

After the game, the "Daily Sports" posted the headline "Thank Betis, Real Madrid!" On the cover, indicating that Real Madrid lost to Real Betis in a very poor performance, after the national Derby won A week later, he gave up the position of leader. It should also be noted that Real Madrid have lost 4 of the last 7 games and have tied 1 game.

"Daily Sports News": Thank you! Real Madrid
Another Catalan media, the World Sports Daily, left the cover to Tello, a former Barcelona player. Today's game was exactly the second goal he scored against Betis, defeating Real Madrid. The cover report states. Real Madrid are very fragile, they have lost their way and cannot score goals. Zidane's team continued to make mistakes, which allowed Setion's team to exceed 2 points again.

"World Sports News" left the cover to Tale
At the last moment of the game, the former Barcelona player Tello scored a winning goal and gave Real Madrid a defeat. Barcelona now have 58 points and have overtaken Real Madrid by 2 points.

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8 Mar 2020

Wellbet News:13 wins and 1 draw! Barcelona home = La Liga's strongest fortress but only 5 wins in 13 games away

Wellbet en: Barcelona's home dragon away but adults

Despite playing very hard against the Royal Society, Barcelona still laughed last with Messi's penalty. "Daily Sports" pointed out that this season La Liga has not lost too much at home this season, they have made Camp Nou a real strong fortress, but at the same time, their away record is too bad.

As of this round, Barcelona played a total of 14 La Liga matches at the Camp Nou, Barcelona scored an unbeaten record of 13 wins and 1 draw, scoring 40 of 42 points. Scored 45 goals and lost 12 goals. The only draw was the national derby in the first leg of the season, when Barcelona and Real Madrid tied 0-0.

However, Barcelona's away results are very bad. In the 13 rounds of away games this season, they only scored 5 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses. They scored 18 points. They scored only 18 goals and lost 19 goals. .

Although Barcelona have won in the last 5 home games, except for the 5-0 victory over Eval, Barcelona have won very hard in the remaining 4 games. "Daily Sports News" said that Barcelona need to be more efficient now, so that after the end of the 38 rounds of La Liga, to beat Real Madrid to win the La Liga championship.

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6 Mar 2020

Wellbet News: Messou calls on Barcelona to sign back Neymar to join Pique to pressure chairman

Wellbet en: Messi wants Neymar to return
According to Spanish media, Messi and other key players hope that Barcelona will sign back to Neymar this summer and put pressure on Bartomeu for this.

"World Sports News" said that before this summer, relevant negotiations will begin, and Messi, Suarez and Pique led the locker room's views, hoping to promote the high-level signing of Barcelona to Neymar. Last summer, Barcelona's locker room wanted Neymar to return, but the transfer was eventually stumped by Paris Saint-Germain's tough stance.

Since switching to Ligue 1 in 2017, Neymar has made 79 appearances for Paris Saint-Germain, scoring 68 goals and 39 assists.

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5 Mar 2020

Wellbet news:86 million new aid into Barcelona parallel? Celebrities: Barcelona used him wrong

Wellbet en: De Jong performed badly
What happened to De Jong? The Barcelona young player who spent 86 million euros (75 million fixed + 11 million euros floating) this season introduced average performance this season, especially the performance in the national derby is considered to be very bad. The Dutch side criticized Barcelona for having problems with their employment, while Barcelona said that De Jong was still adapting.

De Jong is a player with high hopes for Barcelona fans. On the one hand, he is considered to be the representative of Barcelona's innovative lineup. On the other hand, he also allows Barcelona to reconnect with Ajax. However, compared to Ajax, De Jong's performance in Barcelona is very unstable.

The Dutch football community thinks Barcelona have used the wrong person, and the famous coach Van Gaal said: "The current De Jong is not the Ajax De Jong, he did not play in his own position." He even said that De Jong should have Choose Juventus because Barcelona already has Busquets.

De Jong's average performance
De Jong's former coach Tennahach also criticized Barcelona's use of De Jong, thinking that Barcelona should not let De Jong become an offensive midfielder. De Jong is not an offensive player. His position should be a bit behind to help the team control the game. Instead of attacking forward. Gullit said that De Jong should be more in-depth, not just to run to the front, but to send the ball to the front and to the opponent's penalty zone. To be a player running back and forth between the two penalty zones, do not be horizontal as it is now .

Commentator Pizi Alonso also pointed out that De Jong had a different role in Ajax and Barcelona. At Ajax, De Jong was responsible for making the ball in the defensive area. In Barcelona, ​​everyone has different requirements for him. He is required to enter the opponent's penalty zone more. He is now closer to the offensive line and passes for his teammates instead of close to the defensive line. But he felt uncomfortable in the offensive position.

In Barcelona, ​​Valverde and Sethien both trusted De Jong, but both made it clear that the core of the team's midfield is Busquets, De Jong's role is the inside forward, he played 16 times to the left and 11 Kick the right forward, and sometimes even move forward. De Jong only played in the back position in eight games, this position generally belongs to Busquets. He only played double backs with Busquets once.

In Ajax, in the 2018-19 season, De Jong became one of the double backs 45 times, of which 38 times were with Schneider. De Rong even served as a central defender in 5 games.

Ajax and Barcelona look like two blood-related teams, but they interpret football differently because the players on the team are different. Spain's "Sports Daily" said that Barcelona's next task is not to retrieve the Ajax version of De Jong, but to let him find the best version for Barcelona in Barcelona, ​​depending on whether there is a way. .

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4 Mar 2020

Wellbet News: Barça's locker room mistrusts Sethian: unable to control the ship

Wellbet en: Barcelona dressing room doesn't trust Setion
According to a Catalan radio report, some players in Barcelona's locker room no longer believe in Sethian, they said that Barcelona is too big for civilian coach Sethian and in fact lost to Valen as early as January 25 After West Asia, some Barcelona players did not trust him.

The civil strife in Barcelona seems to have intensified. The team now has a lot of problems. There are many problems at the club level, team level, between players and clubs, and between players and coaches. After losing the national derby, Sethian suffered a third game after taking office. The team also gave the top spot in the La Liga standings to Real Madrid, and the team's distrust of Sethin became serious.

This chaotic situation in Barcelona has brought the first victim, which is Setion. Fifty days after taking over Barcelona, ​​Sethian is at its worst. According to Radio Catalonia reports, he has lost the trust of some players in the locker room, and some players think that the Barcelona giant is too big for a grassroots coach like Setion.

"He can't control this big ship", "Barcelona is too powerful for him", which are all comments made by Barcelona players recently.

The disagreement between Barcelona players and the coaching staff occurred after the away match against Valencia on January 25. However, the Barcelona players did not put responsibility on Setion, but thought that the club's top responsibilities should be the main responsibility. It was the top management decision to make the team "lost the season."

The Barcelona players and Sethian also have some contradictions. In training, Barcelona players have argued with Sethian. On one occasion, a player expressed dissatisfaction with the absence of a member of the coaching staff and questioned whether Sethian was suitable for outdoor training on rainy days. In addition, the players believe that in the national derby, Sethian replaced Biddal with Breswitt in the 69th minute. It is not correct. It can be said that this is why Barcelona lost.

Cathay TV also said that Sethion was tired of what he found, but he remained optimistic. The coaching staff also noticed that they were under some suspicion, and they were surprised by the weight of certain players, which has led to a very tense situation now.

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Wellbet News:Western media exposed that Hazard is expected to miss the 2 months, he aims to catch up with the European Cup

Wellbet en: Hazard is expected to be absent for 2 months
According to Spanish media "Marca", Hazard will undergo ankle surgery in Dallas, the United States, on Thursday.

Earlier, Hazard was absent for three months because of this injury. But against Levante, Hazard's old injury has recurred, and he will be absent for some time. It is reported that if Hazard's operation is successful, he will be expected to miss 2 months and can catch up with Real Madrid.

Once Hazard returns from Dallas surgery, he will begin his recovery journey accompanied by a physiotherapist from the Belgian national team. Hazard is hoping to play in Real Madrid's last few matches, and the 2020 European Cup is his main goal.

Belgian coach Martinez will also try to ensure that Hazard participates in the European Cup. The deadline for the European Cup list is June 2. If Hazard recovers smoothly, he can catch up. Belgium's first European Cup match will play against Russia in St. Petersburg on June 13.

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