21 Feb 2020

Wellbet News: This is awkward! Barcelona's new aid "smash ball" suddenly became popular

Wellbet en: Barcelona new aid
Live broadcast February 21 Barcelona official news, Barcelona paid 18 million euros in transfer fees for Bryce Waite, the contract period is 4 and a half years, as of the end of the season on June 30, 2024, a penalty of 300 million euros.

The new aid Blaisewitt will wear the No. 19 jersey. He appeared on the Camp Nou on February 21st. According to the practice of Barcelona's new aid, Blaisewitt played a ball on the scene.
And a 6 second short video of "Ball Failure" by Blythwaite received nearly 1.80 million views.

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20 Feb 2020

Wellbet news:Messi becomes Agent! Hilarious Advertising Salah vs Pogba | gif

Wellbet en: A story triggered by a can of cola
Pepsi released their latest set of ads, Messi, Pogba, Sterling and Salah and other stars played together, staged a hilarious plot around a bottle of beverage, four stars each showed their magic, competing for the last bottle Drink.

Messi plays, drinks are intercepted by Salah
Four stars appeared one after another, Salah took the lead and intercepted Messi's drink; 

Pogba vs Salah
The bottle was stolen by Pogba. Who knew that Salah was posing as a fan with Pogba and robbed him of the drink?

watch out!
Pogba was willing to give up, he immediately blasted a world wave and smashed the drink in Salah's hand. Unexpectedly, the drink fell into Sterling's hands during the haircut;

Then came the fight between Salah and Sterling. The two showed their magical powers and staged a wave of camouflage and show. Until Sterling, who got the drink, found that the head of the jar was Messi ...

Agent Messi!
Agent Messi locked in! In the face of multi-player chasing and blocking, Messi showed the ingenious dribbling technology and easily broke through the multi-player defense! In the end, everything came to peace, and the four stars each enjoyed their own cans of drinks. Some netizens also ridiculed: "This ad proves once again that Messi is not a human."

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16 Feb 2020

Wellbet news:We are still at the top of the list and there is room for improvement

Wellbet en: Live broadcast on February 17th. In the 24th round of La Liga, Real Madrid tied Celta 2-2 at home, reducing the lead to 1 point. In this game, German midfielder Cross scored a signature putt. Cross tweeted after the game: "We are still at the top, but there is still room for improvement."
Cross can be regarded as Celta's bitter master. Since joining Real Madrid, he has scored against Celta every season. In this season's first La Liga encounter, Cross has also scored a goal.

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13 Feb 2020

Wellbet News:Rakitić is willing to play with Ronaldo but reiterates Messi is the best in the world

Wellbet en: Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic admits he wants to play with Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo as he still has questions about his future at Camp Nou.

Rakitic continues to be linked to Serie A champion Juventus, and when asked if he would like to play with five-time Golden Globe winner C Ronaldo, the 31-year-old told the Bleacher Report that he was very impressed with the prospect open.

"Of course I do. He is also one of the best players in history. You like to watch him play. He plays well in Juventus."Rakitić is currently the captain of Barcelona and the teammate of six-time Golden Globe winner Messi, who has always called Messi the best player ever.

"It's great to play with him. He's special. There are great players in every era, but I believe he is the best in the past 15 years."

"In my opinion, I think he is the best. Six years with him is incredible."

Rakitic has previously expressed his dissatisfaction with the treatment of head coach Ernesto Valverde and his staff in January when he was fired, and acknowledged that he had considered leaving Barcelona.

"This is part of football," Rakitic said. "You have to understand this and be prepared (to leave)."

"You have to be happy, you have to think about your family, and if I play for Barcelona, ​​I am happy."

The Croatian star was also asked about Neymar's future, and he admitted that he would open his arms to welcome the Brazilian back to Camp Nou.

"First of all, I certainly hope Neymar is on my team and he needs to decide what is best for him because he is my good friend." He said.

"I want to see him happy, and of course, when he is happy, he is one of the best players in the world."

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12 Feb 2020

Wellbet News: Messi has a new career high in assist efficiency! Crowned 21st Century La Liga Assist

Wellbet en: Messi is the 21st-century assisting king of La Liga
The Spanish "Marca" on February 12 counted the 21st century La Liga player assist history. The results show that 5 of the top 10 players are still playing in La Liga, but this list may change in the coming weeks. .

On the list, Benzema's assists are very close to Cristiano Ronaldo. The French forward currently has 93 assists in La Liga, while Ronaldo is 95. Benzema is only twice less than Cristiano Ronaldo, and it is only a matter of time.

In the La Liga 21st-century assists list, Messi ranked first, and the Argentine superstar contributed 180 assists, so the assists were more than the midfield players. Ranked second is Harvey, Barcelona legend assists 126 times in La Liga, and he has retired and can not exceed Messi.

Next came Cristiano Ronaldo with 95 assists, Benzema with 93 assists, Iniesta and Kocay with 87 assists, Navas with 84 assists, Alves with 83 assists, Marcelo with 65 assists and 61 Guti. Marcelo is the same defender as Alves. Marcelo had the most assists in the 2016-17 season, and he only assisted once this season.

At the same time, Messi's assist efficiency reached its peak in his career this season. This season, Messi played 1530 minutes, assisted 11 times, and averaged 0.65 assists per 90 minutes, which is the highest in his career.

The last time he showed such a high offensive efficiency was in the 2007-08 season, that season he averaged 0.58 assists per 90 minutes, which is still a little lower than this season. In the last round of the game against Betis, he staged an assist hat-trick. Messi has only scored 2 goals in the last 5 games, but 6 assists. (Ivan)

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11 Feb 2020

Wellbet News: Dembele wants to pay more for his injuries and he can return in 6 months

Wellbet en:Live broadcast February 12th Barcelona's French winger Dembele underwent surgical treatment on Tuesday. His attending doctor Le Peining was interviewed by the Spanish National Post after the operation. He talked about Dembele's Happening.

Lepainen said first, "When the wound is bigger, the old wound will be more likely to recur, because there are many factors that will affect it. Dembele needs more efforts to recover from the injury."

After that, Lepinen said frankly that he could not talk more. "I have a close relationship with the Barcelona club. There are many details that I cannot disclose. I do not like to talk about the possibility of a player's old injury recurring. My responsibility is to give him ( Dembele), I'm sure he can play again in 6 months. "

Finally, Lepinen said, "If a player is fast and makes a lot of sprints, we all know that the pressure on the muscles will be very great."

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10 Feb 2020

Wellbet news: Barcelona senior Messi's departure is not impossible without him ...

Wellbet en:Live broadcast February 11th. Before the high-level Barcelona senior Ariedo Braida (Ariedo Braida) was interviewed recently, talked about the topic of Messi, Barcelona. Braida believes that it is difficult to see Messi leaving Barcelona, ​​but the world of football has never been impossible.

"It is a good thing for Messi to stay in Barcelona. He has always lived with his family in Barcelona. It is difficult to see Messi leave, but there is nothing impossible in the football world."

"(Where would Messi leave?) The team with the most financial resources may be the English team, but it may also be the Italian team. A team with Messi can have great global commercial value. Just Like Milan needs a player with outstanding personal qualities like Ibrahimovic. I think Juventus and Inter can sign Messi. Messi is very expensive and his salary will be very high, but with him, any Everything is possible. "

Regarding the disagreement between Messi and Abidal on Barcelona's internal opinions, Braida said his views, "Abidal may be a good man but lacks experience. He paid for it. In my case, I will first Talk to Messi. I will listen to what happened. If something happens, I will try to mediate. In football, mediation is very important. "

"I can't imagine Barcelona without Messi. He is an untouchable totem character. He is very popular and that's why Messi stays. It was Messi's assist and wearing a hat to help Barcelona win away on Sunday. No He, Barcelona will be another team, an ordinary La Liga team, like teams like Sevilla and Valencia. "

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Wellbet news:Gradually Daddy! Courtois Laguna has been shot just 28 times and has only conceded 3 goals

Wellbet en:Live broadcast February 11th Real Madrid currently ranks first in La Liga, the team has only lost 14 goals in 23 league games. According to OPTA statistics, Kurtova has faced opponents' shots in La Liga nearly 28 times and has only lost 3 goals.

Prior to this, Courtois was selected as the best player of the month in La Liga with his recent outstanding performance.

Courtois has had 11 games in the league this season with zero blocks, the highest number of zero blocks in La Liga. At the beginning of the season, Real Madrid had conceded goals for a number of consecutive games, and Kourtua was once controversial. However, with the progress of various competitions, Courtois' performance has become better and better, and Real Madrid has been saved many times with excellent performance.

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Wellbet News:I am very satisfied with the team's performance and will not forget Betis

Wellbet en:Live broadcast February 10th According to the "Marca", in the just-concluded La Liga round 23, Barcelona defeated Real Betis 3-2 away. With two behind times, Barcelona equalized the score twice with Messi's assisted hat-trick and finally completed the reversal. Barcelona coach Sethian was interviewed by the media after the game.

——About the competition

We encountered two difficult games in a row and the other side put a lot of pressure on us. The opponent forced us to make it very difficult, and we played very uncomfortably throughout the game. We also tried to grab the opponent, but they have a lot of capable players. Fekir has an extraordinary performance, it is difficult to grab the ball from his feet. However, we have moments in the game that belong to us.


I'm very happy with the team and I should be sure of their performance. There are other things we can do better, but I'm already satisfied. We equalized the score twice and finally reversed.

——The team's progress

The team is improving in many ways. I am very satisfied with their performance and the results of the game.

——Messi was dragged in the penalty zone at the last moment, but the referee ignored it.

From where I am, I have a hard time seeing it clearly. I didn't see if the other party was pulling on Messi. The referee was very close to them, maybe he could see more clearly.


The problem is not with VAR. VAR is a very good tool that can help us make football more fair. It may be too early to evaluate it, but we must agree on the standard of punishment.

—— Away win

The team still lacks a lot. However, this is a very important game, and we scored 3 points away again, which has been difficult for us recently. We were supposed to advance in Bilbao, and today we finally win.

——Return to Villa Marin Stadium

I have many good friends here, and I hope everything goes well with Betis. Just now, our competition is very fierce. Glad to be back here again. Hopefully from now on, Betis will win all subsequent matches. I will not forget this club, I will not forget what they have given me, and I will always remember the goodness of Betis. Maybe someone doesn't understand me and what I do, but I have full respect for them. This is an exciting game and I haven't been here for 7 months. When I left, I hugged many people, and when I returned, I still hugged them.

——Tactical strategy I expected that the other party would definitely adopt a different tactic than before. There are a lot of good players on the other side, and they can easily get rid of our snatch. However, we have had many steals and the team has done a great job in this regard.

—— away game

We should affirm the significance of this victory, because Betis is a very strong team, they are very strong at home, and they have the fanatic support of fans. The opponent played very well. When we started to improve after equalizing, the opponent quickly scored a second goal. But this did not weaken us, we were confident and then equalized the score again.

——Follow Real Madrid in the standings

Our first goal is to win the game and try to bite our competitors in the standings. Victory in this game is crucial because it allows us to continue to maintain our position and continue to put pressure on our opponents. As the game progresses, we will gradually become better and better.

——The team's defense

We have made great progress in defense, not giving the opponents as many opportunities as before. Due to the way we play, our defense will inevitably be unstable, but I am quite satisfied with the team's defensive attitude. In the second half, I don't think we left the other side any chance.

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9 Feb 2020

Wellbet news:Messi was dragged without a verdict or incredible referee

Wellbet en:Live broadcast on February 10th. In the 23rd round of La Liga before the end, Barcelona defeated Real Betis 3-2 away, Messi assisted wearing a hat in this game. At the last moment of the game, Messi was dragged all the way into the opponent's penalty area, but the referee did not make a statement.

In this regard, "Marca" referee expert Oliver said: "It is unbelievable that no penalty was given. Perhaps the referee did not see it, but VAR should make a penalty."

Regarding Langley's goal beyond the score, Betis believes that Langley fouled when he took off. In this regard, Oliver said: "I think the referee's decision is correct, because it should be counted as a goal. Langley won the air confrontation and rewritten the score to 3-2.

Roberto is also yellow in this game. Oliver believes that Roberto should have dyed directly: "Barcelona had two yellow cards in the first half; Roberto should be sent off directly before the end of the half."

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Wellbet news:Leonardo: Neymar's gifted Mbappe is not spoiled

Wellbet en:Live broadcast February 10th In a French Ligue 1 focus game that ended early this morning, Paris Saint-Germain defeated Lyon 4-2. Leonardo, the sports director of the club after the game, talked about the game, the next Champions League with Dortmund, and the evaluation of Neymar and Mbappe. Leonardo said that Neymar's talent was given by God, and Mbappe was not a spoiled child.

About the match with Lyon

"This is a very difficult game. The team has been in trouble since the beginning of the game, and it is the same in the second half. When you are scored by your opponent, it is definitely a critical moment. We should have protected A good 3-0 lead. When the score was narrowed to 3-2, we returned to the game and created multiple chances to break. The score was finally 4-2, which was a real victory. Lyon It's a very strong team and they have the ability to cause you trouble at any moment. These 3 points are very important to us and this victory has not come easily. "

For worrying about the next match against Dortmund

"I know the problem will follow, and that's why I'm here. To be honest, I can feel the team back a bit in the past two weeks, and I try to see what happens. We need to have this process before the Champions League 1/8 finals. Now the outside world has begun to voice a lot of doubts, similar to: 'This team is not ready.' I have also heard that the level of A against Paris Playing in the Champions League has a negative effect. Then there are the stars in the poorly managed team in Paris. I want to know why you say this. I think everyone now has reason to be happy with what this team has achieved because we are in the league We have a 12-point lead in the standings. We have done our best in the Champions League and have achieved 5 wins and 1 draw. Our lineup is very strong. "

"Why are we worried about the Champions League 1/8 final? I can't find a reason. The next game is not about life or death, it's just a normal game. If we win, then of course it's good. If we don't Win, the team will continue to grow. I think we should come out of this problem. Dort is very similar to our style. The recent score is often 3-2, 5-4 ... I hope my players You can have a calm and calm mind when you walk into the arena. "

Negative media reports before the match with Dort

"Now there have been negative reports about us in the media, it seems that we are ready to lose. I don't like this, it will have a negative impact. We should not bother about this, it is good for everyone. This is for the entire French football, not just Paris. If we can reach the Champions League final, this is also good news for French football. If we have achieved some results, it will be good for everyone. Now I am on the ball The team is satisfied with the work they have done, and the team has performed very well. From the roster of players, how many teams can have our lineup? I hope that everyone will stop caring about those negative reports and don't always think about if we lose That's the end of the ball. It's not the case. A game can't decide life or death, but we will try our best to win. "

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7 Feb 2020

Wellbet news:Transfer to Paris? It's impossible I want to stay at Real Madrid

Wellbet en: Real Madrid and the Royal Society's Kings Cup match, Brazilian genius Venisius became one of Real Madrid's few highlights, and he also said after the match that he had no intention of joining Paris Saint-Germain.

"This is not an option, I want to stay at Real Madrid," said Venisius.

In the past few weeks, Venusius has performed quite well. He said: "I have reached the status of last season. From January to February last year, my status is quite good. I want to continue without any injuries."

Regarding Zidane, Venisius said: "He has always given me the confidence I need and given me the opportunity."

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6 Feb 2020

Wellbet News:Zidane dared to mess with Messi, but panicked luxury Barcelona and Real Madrid

Wellbet en: Real Madrid and Barcelona stopped in the semi-finals of the Kings Cup on the same day, which is actually quite surprising. However, judging from the way the two teams lost and the state since the New Year, the two teams also lost, and the situation of the two males is different. Barça was already embarrassed, struggling to face the gap in front of her. After all, she still could not escape the confusion of falling into the abyss.

In other words, losing a King's Cup did not affect Zinedine Zidane's re-establishment and increasing confidence in the team. But after losing a King's Cup, he sprinkled a handful of salt on the already scarred Barcelona.

Losing to the Royal Society may not be within Zidane's plan, but this field to examine the players through rotation should be Qi Zu's strategic deployment. Of course, this deployment has paid a price. For example, losing the ball proves that Real Madrid's bench depth is not so optimistic. Another example is Marcelo's table is shaking his head. But for Qi Zu, who has always been "only so concerned" in the King's Cup, this is more like a beneficial experiment based on La Liga and the UEFA Champions League in the recent good momentum-at a price, but acceptable.

Barcelona meet again
If Real Madrid has had enough "feeling of achievement" from the recent good momentum, Barcelona has suffered another sap at a time when this sense of accomplishment was urgently needed. Rotation space is already limited due to injuries and there is still negative news inside the team. You can hardly expect to take over the near-term Setion to make such a risk. It can't be said that Barcelona played poorly, but did not get the most important things when they were in trouble internally and externally, it would be difficult to change the team's decline.

At the same time when losing the night, Real Madrid's entire basic set is still solid and everything is under the control of Zidane; but Barcelona has suffered a serious setback on the already unstable basic set, and from Messi It wasn't like being able to turn the tide to the utmost turmoil at Sethien to the top.

The current situation is closely related to Real Madrid's team building style and behavior style. Despite experiencing a huge loss from Ronaldo's departure, Real Madrid's overall foundation is still very good, and the lineup configuration and athletic ability are also very in line with the current trend of high speed and high strength, that is, the front court is still a little bit sharp. Qi Zu continued to pay close attention to strength after taking office, and this was also what he was good at. Real Madrid today is very solid, there are no obvious weaknesses, it is difficult to defeat in the case of the main force.

What's more, Zidane has always been targeted in the overall strategic deployment and implemented well. And Real Madrid's team culture was not so philosophical or playful. It was the most important thing to be able to get the results. Zidane's way of doing things was "very Real". You can't compare Real Madrid with the Champions League three consecutive periods, but that confidence is returning.

If Zidane's training is "very Real", then the recent problems in Barcelona are "very Barcelona". It was originally a fire-fighting interview. As a result, Abidal's interview became a big bomb that offended almost everyone. Even Messi retaliated against Abidal. Originally, the problems of changing coaches, recruiting, and the atmosphere inside the team were very sensitive. Unexpectedly, the French poured beans on a bamboo tube, sold Bartomeu and sold Harvey, adding a lot of firewood to the fire that was supposed to be saved.

It's okay to say that Messi is a player to protect the first team, that he misunderstood Abidal, but when Messi got involved in this rare public form, it was even more difficult. Although there has been news that Messi and Abidal have made peace, and the talkative coach Sethian has not blended in, the result is obviously not a happy family. Now it is embarrassing for anyone to get ahead.

What's more important is that during the stage of off-site crisis, the problems encountered by the Red and Blue Army on the field have continued to increase. Originally, the lineup lacked vitality and athletic ability, but now it has not been supplemented in the face of continuous serious injuries. If morale is frustrated again, it may not even be able to perform normally. With Messi's characteristics, if the overall configuration and operation are affected, he will also be affected to a considerable extent, and the difficulty of turning decay into magic is becoming more and more difficult, which means that it is even more difficult for Barcelona to summon the Savior. .

Who is responsible? Player, executive or head coach? This is a slap, but in the overall planning of the team, including buyers, sellers, selection of players and head coaches, recruitment and selection timing, Barcelona did have many problems. So that after Valverde left the class, the only stability left was replaced by chaos-there was always a pot.

Of course, you can't predict the next trend of Real Madrid only by the result of a King's Cup game. However, the basic set of the two teams this season, even in recent games, can still roughly see the current overall situation of the two sides. Real Madrid, which looks a bit bland, is steadily under the control of Zidane; while luxury Barcelona, ​​which has repeatedly been heavily assisted, seems to fill more and more questions. Nowadays, it is neither known what the responsibility is, nor what Who can come up with a quick and clear solution.

So ... Barcelona fell behind Real Madrid again. It is clear at a glance which one is expected to be bigger in the second half of the season.

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Wellbet news:Coach of the Royal Society: We haven't made it to the top four in the King's Cup for 32 years!

Wellbet en:Live broadcast February 7th According to the “Marca” report, after defeating Real Madrid away, the coach of the Royal Society, Imano Alguacil, expressed his emotions.

-Isaac scored twice

He showed us that he is a great player, but I would like to praise the team's performance.

——Feeling at this time

Although we came to Bernabeu with determination to win, we are still very excited now. The team hasn't reached the Kings Cup semi-finals in 32 years, and fans deserve such a reward. What's more, this victory was completed in the full Bernabeu facing such a team ... This is a feat, everyone can imagine how proud we are.

——Real Madrid's counterattack

I thought about this, and we all knew they could reverse the situation in three minutes, so we didn't dare relax until the final whistle.

——You are the chief contributor to this victory

But don't say that, my advantage is these players, I'm glad to be with them. Now the team has only reached the semi-finals, the test is still behind.

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Wellbet news:Just one game away! Dembele injury missing 5 million euros for Dort this season

Wellbet en:Live broadcast February 6th. According to the Spanish "Aspen" report, due to the recurrence of Dembele's old injury, he will miss the remaining games of the season and cannot reach the number of appearances in the surcharge clause in his contract from Barcelona to Dortmund. The request will cost Dortmund 5 million Euros.

In the summer of 2017, in order to sign Dembele, Barcelona paid a transfer fee of 105 million euros. In addition, Barcelona and Dortmund also agreed on a 40 million euro surcharge. These surcharges will be paid based on Dembele's goal in Barcelona. For example, to help Barcelona win the La Liga title, one of them is "If Dembele has played 75 games on behalf of Barcelona before the end of the 2019-2020 season, Barcelona will pay 5 million euros to Dortmund".

As of now, Dembele has played in 74 games for Barcelona because he will be absent from the rest of the season and Dortmund will not be able to get the money.

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