30 Oct 2019

WELLBET NEWS: Atletico Winter Window wants to buy a striker, fancy Cavani and Rodrigo

WELLBET EN This season's Atletico's firepower is not fierce, only 11 goals per game in the first 11 rounds of the league. According to the "Aspen" news, Simoni decided to introduce excellent forwards in the winter window, their target is for Cavani and Rodrigo.Atletico Madrid's defense is still stable this season, the six goals are the least in La Liga, but they only scored 11 goals in 11 rounds, so their record is not outstanding, even behind them Villarreal They scored 13 more goals.

Costa is currently looking at some gaps from the starting level, but fortunately, Morata has scored three consecutive games. But the current situation is that this dynamic team, after introducing eight players in the summer, only scored 11 goals in 11 rounds.

Simone will not be satisfied with the status quo of the team, he will seek to bring a new forward to the team in January, Rodrigo of Valencia is on the target list, he has had a turn with Atletico Madrid this summer. It will be rumored, but the final deal has not been reached. At the same time, after the introduction of Icardi in Paris, Cavani is also trying to find new challenges. He said that he will not renew his contract with the team, so Atletico Madrid can try to sign it by free transfer.

The team can also hope for Felix, who has recently been injured and has missed the team's three games. When he returns to health in the future, he will still be the team's choice on the front line. Now Atletico's team doctor is trying to get him back to health and can return to the team as soon as possible.

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14 Jan 2019

WELLBET NEWS:Ipswich signs the Irish international

WELLBET EN News: Ipswich, who is currently in the Champions League, officially announced that the team signed the Brentford attacker Judge, and the transfer fee was not disclosed.After agreeing to join, Jacques and Ipswich signed a contract that expired after the end of the season with an option to renew for one year. He got the No. 31 jersey.

Jacques, 30, was born in Dublin. He joined Blackburn in 2006. The Irish international also played for Plymouth and Knotts. He joined Brentford from Blackburn in the winter 2014 transfer window and was officially bought out Judge scored 14 goals in the 2015/2016 season in the Champions League and sent 12 assists. Since then, he has been out for a long time due to serious injuries.

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7 Sep 2018

WELLBET NEWS: Szepen, the name that Gelsenkirchen can't forget!

WELLBET EN News: He served as the coach of the first team of Schalke from 1949 to 1954, and he became the chairman of Schalke during 1964-1967.

Let us turn the clock back to November 12, 1950, which was the last battle of Szepen at the old stadium in Schalke. The opponent is the Brazilian Mineiro competition. Even if the media only released the news one day in advance, there were still 30,000 people on the day of the game. After 20 minutes, he and Kuzola both held hands. The broadcast came "only once at this moment, will not come again" , the fans on the sidelines have shed tears.

According to Szepan himself: "On my way to school on the first day, I kicked a can on the sidewalk, and the head was knocked by my father. I started playing at the age of 6 and the Ruhr mining area. The children here are playing, and I was one of them at the time."
The 4-year-old Szepen entered the Schalke youth team for the first time. "My family won't let me play. Every Sunday at 9 am, I sneaked out to train. The team provided all the equipment. I just need to bring my socks. But because I am late for every meal, I am being taken by my mother. Found it, she warned me again."
At that time, Chairman Enkel visited the door many times and wanted to convince Szepen’s mother to let her son go to show his talent. The chairman promised to send Xiaoszepan home very well after each kick, and then the mother finally agreed.

At the age of 17, Szepen successfully completed the first team first show. On June 29, 1925, he represented Royal Blue for the first time. In this 6:2 match, Szepen scored 4 goals, and his courage made those who questioned the young players look impressive!
 Since then, Szepen's career has soared, but no one is perfect. As a football elite, his speed is not fast enough for him to be questioned by outsiders. This is indeed the case, even some people in the club say so. But because of his golfer, overall view and skill, these ridicules became pale and weak. In October 1929, the German national team's first head coach, Otto Nerz, recruited 22-year-old Szepan to the national team. Sure enough, in the game against Finland in Hamburg, Szephan entered the first game of the national team.

Szephan soon got a firm foothold when he entered the national team. He has his own insistence on the formation. This should be something that Nitzel and later coach Herberger liked. After all, Szepen was appointed captain of the national team for five years, and he was also a famous military division in Schalke. At the end of the 1934 German Champions Cup final, Schalke ended a half point behind Nuremberg. In the 70th minute, the center defender shouted at the center of the field, "You retreat, I am coming!" , he also said to Schmidt on the left side of his opponent, "You can rest assured, I will score soon. "In the 88th minute, Szepan really got the header and scored the net. After the stoppage time, Kuzola entered the winning goal for the miners. Have you heard of the Schalke gyro? When the team puts the short pass to the extreme, the players will be connected to each other, and Szepen is one of the important parts. The performance of Der Schalker Kreisel was unique in Germany at the time, and the players who mastered this technology have been practicing well through years of running on the team.

 Szepen’s talent in football is different, but he has not been so successful in other industries. In 1937, Szepan resigned in the city bureau. He had an idea: to open a gas station. But the result is as it used to be, he does not do a lot of business every time. There is a thriving textile factory in the Schalke market. The factory owner is a Jewish couple. At that time, the landlord of the factory dismissed the lease contract. The couples were facing the Nazian policy of the Nazis at that time and could only sell assets at a low price. Szepen said that the female landlord suggested that he buy the factory, so his wife Eliza signed it.
This kind of war-fighting behavior has brought a lot of benefits to Szepen, and the turnover in the first year has increased tenfold. Szepen was probably aware of the embarrassment of the Jewish couple at the time. In 1942, the original owner was deported to Riga and assassinated. Like many Germans of that period, Szepen did not reveal his awareness of this tyranny. In 2002, it is necessary to build a road around the arrogant to the Schalke Arena, named after the outstanding players in the history of the club. Originally, Szepen was also on the shortlist. But when people carefully investigated it, everyone would avoid talking about the proposal of Szepenpan.
In 1949 he took over the position of the Austrian coach. He has been coaching for five years. In the 111 years since Schalke was built, only Stevens can surpass it. Schalke opened a glorious period under his coaching and won the first-class championship in 1951, which also laid a solid foundation for winning again in 1958. Usually, if the player does not do well, as a coach, he will give the young players an inspection period and let them re-certify themselves. In 1954, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Schalke, Szephan announced his departure. In his words, "the team needs a new coach." But in fact, his relationship with some old players is not particularly good, but also People talk about it, his work is not so great. But in any case, he turned to Red and White Eisen and he helped the club to win the only German championship in history. After two seasons, he left there again.

In 1964-1967, in the economic hardship period of Schalke, as a cohesive role, he returned to Schalke 04 and served as chairman. From the players, to the coaches, to the chairman, this is unprecedented in the history of Schalke, and it is estimated that there will be no one. Others witnessed the rigorous and positive working status of the old hero and recognized him. But then in 1967, the young and eloquent West Bolt took office, and the Szephan era passed.
In the last few years of his life, he has been suffering from injuries and injuries from rheumatism and back pain. He was also unable to attend in person at the 65th birthday commendation meeting. The club sent him a 3000 mark Swiss health leave, which is only a short-term relief. The torture of the injury even made him unable to shake hands with others, or there would be an unbearable pain. The drug can damage his kidneys, and he is unfortunately infected with lungs after the operation, and is likely to have a stroke afterwards.
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6 Sep 2018

WELLBET NEWS: Not enough people, Bayern 66-year-old assistant to join the training

WELLBET EN News: Many of the Bayern Munich club players have followed their respective national teams to participate in the national team competition.
This week, the Bayern Munich club has only a small number of players left in the training ground. According to the German media "Pictorial" report, Bayern Munich's 66-year-old assistant coach Herman also joined the team's training.
In addition to Herman, a day before, the Kovacs brothers have joined the club's training. Coach Nico Kovacs staged the real version of "I am on the line" to demonstrate the technical movements to the players.
In the previous training, another assistant coach, Robert Kovac, even wore Wagner and laughed.
At present, the first team members of Bayern training are only Gnabri, Hames-Rodriguez, Robben, Ribéry, Harvey Martinez, Ulrich, Rafinha and Wagner.
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WELLBET News : Bulgarian giants rent Chievo striker

WELLBET EN News: The Sofia Central Army officially announced that the team had leased Chievo striker Ali.

After agreeing to join, Ali will be able to rent for the Sofia Central Army until the end of the season.
Ali, who is 24 years old, joined Chievo in 2013. He only played twice for the first team in various events.

The Gambian international was loaned by Chievo to Stabia, Pescara, Latina, Modena, Lecce, Prato and Skedubiru.

Ali joined Skedbyru from Chievo last summer. He played 33 times in the Albanian Super League last season, scored 21 goals and sent 5 assists. He also played in five Europa League appearances. Into 2 goals, assists 1 time, he won the Golden Boot Award in the Albanian Super League.

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5 Sep 2018

WELLBET NEWS: Perotti may leave Rome in winter

WELLBET EN News: Beijing time on September 6, according to the Italian "Late Post" news, Roman winger Perotti may be transferred to leave the team in January next year, his next stop may be La Liga or return to Argentina.

Last season, Argentine winger Perotti was considered one of the important players in the Romans. He represented the Red Wolf Legion in 25 games and scored 5 goals and 4 assists. This summer, although Perotti suffered from the rumors of leaving the team, no team could reach a transfer agreement with Rome.

This season, due to the addition of new aid, Perotti has not yet got a chance to appear. Currently, the 30-year-old Perotti contract with the Club of Rome will expire on June 30, 2021.

According to the Italian "Late Post", after the opening of the winter transfer in January next year, Perotti may choose to leave the Italian capital. However, before that, Perotti must maintain a good state and a healthy physical condition.

The Evening Post also pointed out that Villarreal and Valencia are still closely watching Perotti. In addition, the possibility of Perotti returning to Argentina will not be ruled out.

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WELLBET NEWS: FIFA's best candidate of the year: Ronaldo, Modric, Salah selected, Messi missed

WELLBET EN News: On the evening of September 3, Beijing time, 
FIFA officially announced the three best players of the year, C Ronaldo led, Modric and Salah were shortlisted. Messi unexpectedly lost, which is his first time after 2007, missed the best three candidates. In addition, the previously high-profile World Cup and Europa League champion Gleizman also failed to be selected.
C Ronaldo
In the 2017-18 season, Cristiano Ronaldo won the Champions League, the European Super Cup and the Spanish Super Cup, and represented the Portuguese national team in the World Cup.
Last season, Ronaldo scored 42 goals in all competitions on behalf of Real Madrid. In the course of the World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 4 goals.

In the 2017-18 season, Modric won the Champions League, the European Super Cup and the Spanish Super Cup on behalf of Real Madrid.
In the World Cup, as the captain of Croatia, Modric led the team to the finals, and eventually lost to the French team to get the World Cup runner-up, creating the history of the Croatian national team. Modric also won the World Cup Golden Globe Award.
In the just-concluded UEFA Player of the Year award, Modric won the award.

Egyptian winger Salah was in a hot state after moving to Liverpool last season. He played 52 times for the Reds in all seasons, scoring 44 goals and 14 assists, and scoring Kane for the last season with 32 goals. Premier League Golden Boots and was elected the PFA Player of the Year. In the Champions League, Salah still has an outstanding performance, leading Liverpool to the Champions League final after several years.
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4 Sep 2018

WELLBET NEWS: Recognized, Sommer was elected as Swiss Footballer

WELLBET EN News: The Swiss Football Association announced the various football awards this year, and the goalkeeper Sommer, who played for Menxing,

was elected as the Swiss footballer of the year. The best newcomer to the annual football in Switzerland is also from Menxing, a midfielder young teenager Zakaria. Swiss national team coach Petkovic won the award of the best coach.

Sommer’s performance in the second half of last season was very good, and he also played well in the World Cup. In the second half of last season's "Kicker" Bundesliga goalkeeper, Sommer ranked first in the Bundesliga. Sommer’s performance was recognized and won this year’s Swiss Footballer of the Year. This is Sommer's award for the Swiss Footballer of the Year after 2016.

Among other awards, Sommer’s Mencius teammate Zacharia won the title of Swiss Newcomer of the Year, and Swiss national team coach Petkovic was elected the best coach for the third consecutive year.

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3 Sep 2018

WELLBET NEW: I talked to Pique about the fine, which will not affect him.

WELLBET EN News: For the 8-2 home win, Barcelona coach Valvede expressed satisfaction in the post-match interview, but thought it would be too early to discuss the top.

About the game

We invested a lot of troops in the offense and scored 8 goals. This is the result of the cooperation, we created the opportunity. Huesca is a dangerous team in the counterattack because they have deep players like Gallial and Juan Hernandez. They gave us the horsepower with a goal, but we also passed the color through patience and halftime oppression.We didn't enter the state when we lost the first ball, and the second goal was unexpected. Before the break, the game had suspense, but in the second half we solved the game and we shot higher.

The opponent scored by counterattack

We were beaten back a few times and these opportunities became goals. One is to enter in the opening 2 minutes, which is very shocking to people, because you still feel that you are not active, but we try to attack. No one likes to start 0-1 behind, but the opponent is also playing, they want to annoy you.

Top position

This is just the beginning. It is a certain importance to climb the top with a goal. We have a team like Valencia or Atletico, but everything is just beginning, and the league is still growing.

About Rakitic

All of my players deserve to win prizes, but I don't value them so much.

About VAR

I still have some questions about it, I asked the fourth official. The assistant referee usually judges accurately, but there have been mistakes today. As for the delay in celebration... Well, you should get used to it. But my feeling is that everything is more fair, I don't think I have lost too much time, about half a minute.

Starting 11 people

We have a lot of games, everyone will have a chance, this is not the main lineup is not something that outsiders can know.

About Pique’s failure to hold a valid driver’s license

I talked to him, I don't think this situation will affect him. He is always at the forefront, and many times this is not what he wants, he will handle it in the best way.

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WELLBET NEWS: I want to win more playing time.

WELLBET EN News: Beijing time ended a third round of La Liga this morning, Barcelona 8-2 victory over Huesca. The Frenchman Langley, who joined Barcelona this summer, staged his debut. After the game,

Langley accepted the media interview.
Regarding his chances in the team, Langley said: "I think all players want a lot of playing time, I want to win more playing time, but I have to learn. There are many excellent players here, I have to They learn."

For the defeat of Alba's national team in Spain, Langley expressed his opinion: "He is my teammate. Unfortunately, he has not been selected for the Spanish national team, but I am more concerned about the French team than the Spanish team."

When asked about his range of activities on the court, Langley said: "In Barcelona you have to think about the future of the team all the time. This is a very good score, we have a very good lineup. ."

Talking about the match against the old club Sevilla in October, Langley said: "I hope to win from Sevilla."

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2 Sep 2018

WELLBET NEWS: Beyond Carlos Bianchi, Messi became the most Argentine in the top league

WELLBET EN News: In the third round of La Liga's Barcelona 8-2 victory over Huesca, with Messi's score twice,

the Argentine created another record. Messi scored 387 goals in the top league, surpassing compatriot Carlos Bianchi, becoming the Argentine who scored the most in the top league.

Carlos Bianchi, 69, is an outstanding football player and coach in Argentina. Bianchi scored 385 goals in his 545 top league matches in his career: Sasfield (206 goals), Lance (107 goals), Paris Saint-Germain (64 goals), Strasbourg ( 8 balls).

Bianchi changed 4 clubs during the 385 goals, and Messi played in Barcelona during his 387 goals.

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31 Aug 2018

WELLBET NEWS: Redding rents Iranian international

WELLBET EN News: At present, Redding officially announced in the Champions League that the team rented Rostov midfielder Ezzatorah.
After agreeing to join, Ezzatorah will play for Reading for a season, he is the eighth new support introduced by the team this summer.

At the age of 21, Ezzatorah joined the Atletico Madrid youth training in 2014. He played for Atletico's C team.

The Iranian international decided in the summer of 2015 not to stay in Atletico Madrid, he joined Rostov.

Ezzatorah was loaned to Anzhen and Amkar by Rostov. He played 15 times in the Russian Super League last season and scored 1 goal.

Ezzatorah followed the Iranian national team to participate in the Russian World Cup this summer. He played twice in the event.
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WELLBET News: Why is Manchester United against Juventus?

WELLBET EN News: The draw for the Champions League in the new season has ended, and Juventus, Manchester United,
Valencia and Berne have been placed in Group H. After the draw, the French defender Evra, who played for Manchester United and Juventus, also shared some complicated feelings on Twitter. Evra po out of the cartoon shape wearing Manchester United and Juventus jersey, and made the hairstyle P a super Saiyan, he also wrote in the article: "Manchester United vs Juventus, why is this? for me?"
Evra played for Manchester United in 2006-2014, then he moved to join Juventus and played for the old woman in 2017.
Manchester United and Juventus met in the Champions League group stage, their first match will be on October 24th, Beijing time, at Manchester United. The second fight at Juventus will be on November 8th, Beijing time.
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30 Aug 2018

WELLBET NEWS: Ramos wins, Lovren is a little unhappy

WELLBET EN News: UEFA announced the best player in the Champions League last season, Real Madrid captain Ramos beat teammates Marcelo and Wallane to win the best defensive player award.
After the results were announced, the official tweet of the Champions League also released the news. Some netizens found Liverpool defender Lovren's comments in the comment section of this message, and he replied to two "facepalm" expressions. It can be seen that in the face of this result, the Croatian Lovren is a little unhappy.
Some netizens believe that Lovren's little unhappy is because of the Champions League final last season, Ramos violated his teammate Salah, the Croatian have not forgotten that game.
Others believe that this may be because he himself has not been able to qualify for this award.
In a previous interview with the media, Lovren once said: "Many people think that I have had a difficult season before, but from my point of view I don't think so."
"I followed Liverpool to the Champions League final, and then in the World Cup, I also followed the Croatian team to the final. I think people should realize that I am now one of the best guards in the world, this is not a bragging."
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WELLBET NEWS: Charlton rents West Ham United midfielder

WELLBET EN News: After agreeing to join, Cullen will play for Charlton for a season, he is the fifth new support the team introduced this summer. 
This year, only 22-year-old Cullen joined the West Ham United Youth Training in 2010. He staged a first-team debut in the 3-0 home victory over Lustunos' Europa League qualifier on July 2, 2015.

The captain of the Irish U21 National Youth Team played nine times for the West Ham United First Team in various events. He was loaned to Bradford and Bolton.

Cullen joined Bolton from West Ham on August 1st last year. He played 12 times in the Premier League last season.

After returning to West Ham in the winter transfer window, he played for the midfielder and midfielder. He played 2 times in the Premier League last season, and he also played 3 times in the FA Cup.
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