10 Mar 2020

Wellbet News: Queiroz: J Ronaldo is in poor condition and the coaching staff will help him

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Live broadcast March 11th According to "Aspen" news, Colombian coach Queiroz said he and the coaching staff will help J Ronaldo, this season Ronaldo is not good because of injuries.

Ronaldo was included in Colombia's initial list of 34 against Venezuela and Chile. Queiroz said: "We know that Ronaldo is in a difficult situation, his situation is not ideal at the technical and professional level, and other players have not played much time. The situation of Ronaldo is very rare, this season is very rare for him, but the whole The coaching staff, and I in particular, are focused on helping all players. "

"As" said that despite suffering the worst season in Europe, Ronaldo still has the vision and skills that other Colombian players do not have. After last summer's Copa America, Ronaldo has not played for the country.

After the King's Cup match against Real Society on February 6 this year (Real Madrid was eliminated), J Luo has not yet played. His last appearance in La Liga was against Mallorca on October 19 last year.

This season J Ronaldo has only one goal (against Granada) and two assists (against Levante and Zaragoza) at Real Madrid, creating a new low for Real Madrid. He suffered four injuries this season, missing 76 days and 14 games, three injuries in the first half and one injury in the second half.

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