5 Mar 2020

Wellbet news:86 million new aid into Barcelona parallel? Celebrities: Barcelona used him wrong

Wellbet en: De Jong performed badly
What happened to De Jong? The Barcelona young player who spent 86 million euros (75 million fixed + 11 million euros floating) this season introduced average performance this season, especially the performance in the national derby is considered to be very bad. The Dutch side criticized Barcelona for having problems with their employment, while Barcelona said that De Jong was still adapting.

De Jong is a player with high hopes for Barcelona fans. On the one hand, he is considered to be the representative of Barcelona's innovative lineup. On the other hand, he also allows Barcelona to reconnect with Ajax. However, compared to Ajax, De Jong's performance in Barcelona is very unstable.

The Dutch football community thinks Barcelona have used the wrong person, and the famous coach Van Gaal said: "The current De Jong is not the Ajax De Jong, he did not play in his own position." He even said that De Jong should have Choose Juventus because Barcelona already has Busquets.

De Jong's average performance
De Jong's former coach Tennahach also criticized Barcelona's use of De Jong, thinking that Barcelona should not let De Jong become an offensive midfielder. De Jong is not an offensive player. His position should be a bit behind to help the team control the game. Instead of attacking forward. Gullit said that De Jong should be more in-depth, not just to run to the front, but to send the ball to the front and to the opponent's penalty zone. To be a player running back and forth between the two penalty zones, do not be horizontal as it is now .

Commentator Pizi Alonso also pointed out that De Jong had a different role in Ajax and Barcelona. At Ajax, De Jong was responsible for making the ball in the defensive area. In Barcelona, ​​everyone has different requirements for him. He is required to enter the opponent's penalty zone more. He is now closer to the offensive line and passes for his teammates instead of close to the defensive line. But he felt uncomfortable in the offensive position.

In Barcelona, ​​Valverde and Sethien both trusted De Jong, but both made it clear that the core of the team's midfield is Busquets, De Jong's role is the inside forward, he played 16 times to the left and 11 Kick the right forward, and sometimes even move forward. De Jong only played in the back position in eight games, this position generally belongs to Busquets. He only played double backs with Busquets once.

In Ajax, in the 2018-19 season, De Jong became one of the double backs 45 times, of which 38 times were with Schneider. De Rong even served as a central defender in 5 games.

Ajax and Barcelona look like two blood-related teams, but they interpret football differently because the players on the team are different. Spain's "Sports Daily" said that Barcelona's next task is not to retrieve the Ajax version of De Jong, but to let him find the best version for Barcelona in Barcelona, ​​depending on whether there is a way. .

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