9 Mar 2020

wellbet news: Real Madrid lose Barcelona mouthpiece gloat: thank you!

Wellbet en: Real Madrid lose Barcelona mouthpiece gloat
After winning the national derby, Real Madrid did not chase and maintain their lead in the standings. They lost to Real Betis 1-2 in the morning and gave the top spot to Barcelona. With 11 rounds left in the league, Real Madrid are 2 points behind Barcelona.

After the game, the "Daily Sports" posted the headline "Thank Betis, Real Madrid!" On the cover, indicating that Real Madrid lost to Real Betis in a very poor performance, after the national Derby won A week later, he gave up the position of leader. It should also be noted that Real Madrid have lost 4 of the last 7 games and have tied 1 game.

"Daily Sports News": Thank you! Real Madrid
Another Catalan media, the World Sports Daily, left the cover to Tello, a former Barcelona player. Today's game was exactly the second goal he scored against Betis, defeating Real Madrid. The cover report states. Real Madrid are very fragile, they have lost their way and cannot score goals. Zidane's team continued to make mistakes, which allowed Setion's team to exceed 2 points again.

"World Sports News" left the cover to Tale
At the last moment of the game, the former Barcelona player Tello scored a winning goal and gave Real Madrid a defeat. Barcelona now have 58 points and have overtaken Real Madrid by 2 points.

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