9 Mar 2020

wellbet news:Navas Training with Neymar Mbappe allows me to keep improving

Wellbet en: Navas
Live broadcast March 10th. Navas recently accepted an interview with PSG TV. During the interview, he mentioned that the current atmosphere in the team is very united. Training with the outstanding forwards in the team can help himself to continuously improve.

Reporter: "What is the current atmosphere of the team?"

Navas: "The atmosphere is very good, it can be said to be very good! I feel that this team is very united. We want to win everything, and we know very well that if we want to win, we must put a lot of effort, be brave and take responsibility, A good way to meet these challenges. This is exactly what we have now. "

Reporter: "What's your relationship with Sergio Rico (Paris substitute goalkeeper)?"

Navas: "He is an outstanding goalkeeper on the field and a very good guy off the field. When you meet such a person, you will be very willing to communicate with him. In my professional career so far, I I have a good relationship with the people I meet. Of course, Rico is no exception. I often say that professional players are ordinary people. We have family, friends, and people we love. I think everyone deserves respect. "

Reporter: "Do you think that you can improve with the excellent forward players in the team?"

Navas: "This is good for me. Since I came here, I have said that training here with Neymar, Mbappe, Cavani, Icardi, and I can continue to improve myself. , This is a crazy thing. These are top-level offensive players, so I am also very motivated on the training field, they will make the defensive players find a better state. Fighting against them is always a challenge, this It helps us. And when you are on the field, you will be very relieved, because they will bear the responsibility of offense. They are eager for victory, and their efforts are very good for the unity of the team. help."

Reporter: "In the UEFA Champions League group stage match with Bruges, you saved a penalty and impressed us. Do you have any special skills for saving the penalty?"

Navas: "A lot of things are important for a penalty kick. This kind of thing often happens, even if we know in advance that this player kicked the penalty 10 times to the right, but this time in the game he It is possible that I changed the direction and then scored the goal. I feel that your intuition at that time was very important. You need to judge the atmosphere at that moment and observe the position of the penalty player. Many aspects can give you some tips. This will Help you to make a penalty. "

Reporter: "What do you think of your performance so far this season?"

Navas: "I came to a new club, a new league, and I need to slowly adapt. From the first day I came here, I have been working hard to integrate with this team and build good relationships with my teammates. . I feel like I'm doing pretty well. I still have a lot of room for improvement, and I'm very calm now. I always strive to be my best on the court, which allows me to perform more calmly. "

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