4 Mar 2020

Wellbet News: Barça's locker room mistrusts Sethian: unable to control the ship

Wellbet en: Barcelona dressing room doesn't trust Setion
According to a Catalan radio report, some players in Barcelona's locker room no longer believe in Sethian, they said that Barcelona is too big for civilian coach Sethian and in fact lost to Valen as early as January 25 After West Asia, some Barcelona players did not trust him.

The civil strife in Barcelona seems to have intensified. The team now has a lot of problems. There are many problems at the club level, team level, between players and clubs, and between players and coaches. After losing the national derby, Sethian suffered a third game after taking office. The team also gave the top spot in the La Liga standings to Real Madrid, and the team's distrust of Sethin became serious.

This chaotic situation in Barcelona has brought the first victim, which is Setion. Fifty days after taking over Barcelona, ​​Sethian is at its worst. According to Radio Catalonia reports, he has lost the trust of some players in the locker room, and some players think that the Barcelona giant is too big for a grassroots coach like Setion.

"He can't control this big ship", "Barcelona is too powerful for him", which are all comments made by Barcelona players recently.

The disagreement between Barcelona players and the coaching staff occurred after the away match against Valencia on January 25. However, the Barcelona players did not put responsibility on Setion, but thought that the club's top responsibilities should be the main responsibility. It was the top management decision to make the team "lost the season."

The Barcelona players and Sethian also have some contradictions. In training, Barcelona players have argued with Sethian. On one occasion, a player expressed dissatisfaction with the absence of a member of the coaching staff and questioned whether Sethian was suitable for outdoor training on rainy days. In addition, the players believe that in the national derby, Sethian replaced Biddal with Breswitt in the 69th minute. It is not correct. It can be said that this is why Barcelona lost.

Cathay TV also said that Sethion was tired of what he found, but he remained optimistic. The coaching staff also noticed that they were under some suspicion, and they were surprised by the weight of certain players, which has led to a very tense situation now.

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