12 Mar 2020

Wellbet News: Exposure of the Champions League and the UEFA Champions League

Wellbet en: The Champions League becomes a single-field system?
According to the French "Team Report", UEFA is studying various schemes in order to finish the remaining Champions League and UEFA Cup matches as far as possible. UEFA is likely to change the game system, and some ideas are very creative.

At present, the five major European leagues are facing the possibility of a complete shutdown, including the Champions League Manchester City against Real Madrid, and Juventus vs Lyon have also been postponed. UEFA currently refuses to suspend all matches, but they know that it is impossible to finish all matches as scheduled, and UEFA President Cheferin and his men have also started designing various suspension schemes.

News from Team News
According to the "Team Report", the postponement of the European Cup to 2021 has been basically determined, and the Champions League and the UEFA Cup may change the game system. Many matches have been postponed, and it is very difficult to schedule the schedule as scheduled.

UEFA considers two possibilities. The first is to shorten the schedule and change the two rounds of the knockout into a definite victory. In this way, the two rounds of the Champions League knockout game that has been played for many years will be changed, and the game may be arranged in a neutral position away from the epidemic.

The second possibility is to change the Champions League to a tournament system, and consider changing the top 4 and even the top 8 games into one place.

"Team News" revealed that the UEFA Cup may also use the same system as the Champions League. But see if the game is going to take place. It is worth mentioning that the Champions League final is played in Istanbul, and the current outbreak in Turkey is not serious.

Next Tuesday, Cheferin and his team will decide how to finish the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup this season. In any case, the postponement of major competitions has directly affected the European Cup. If the situation does not improve significantly, it is no longer possible to host the European Cup this summer.

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