15 Mar 2020

Wellbet News: UEFA considers postponing the European Cup to December this year

Wellbet en:Live broadcast March 16th According to the Spanish Cell radio, UEFA is considering delaying the European Cup to December this year.

During the epidemic, FIFA and UEFA maintained close liaison to coordinate arrangements for various events. UEFA will discuss the postponement of the European Cup in a video conference on Tuesday, and FIFA is upset that they have not been invited to the meeting.

The media pointed out that this year's European Cup was originally scheduled to take place from June to July. FIFA opposed the plan to postpone the European Cup for one year, because the New World Cup would have to be postponed to 2022, and 2022 Qatar World Cup. In contrast, they are more willing to accept the European Cup postponed to December this year, UEFA will analyze the feasibility of this move in the meeting. However, the European Cup extension plan needs to be agreed by the national leagues before it can be officially implemented.

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