11 Mar 2020

wellbet news: Bartomeu Players know PR scandal is not true

Wellbet en: Bartomeu
Live broadcast March 11th According to the "World Sports News" report, Barcelona chairman Bartomeu gave an interview today and talked about the current situation of the team and the presidential election. In addition to the two news releases, the following is the rest of the interview.

——The current situation of the team

We are currently in a transition period and some players on this team have won everything and still have outstanding performances. The important thing is that in many clubs, the update of the lineup has made the old players in the team lose the opportunity to play, but I am very satisfied with our transition, because both the old and new players have performed well And Messi has always been the core of the team.

The club hopes to win all the titles it can get. Now we have a new coach who fits Barcelona's style and I am very optimistic about his prospects here. It is true that we will face many questions and criticisms, but we must wait patiently.

——The scandal the club has experienced before

Before becoming chairman, I was a member of Barcelona. I know this has always been a very democratic club where members can express their opinions in their own way.

——What is your impression among the fans

I never thought about it because I haven't completed my term. It is an honor to be able to contribute to Barcelona, ​​it is not only a club, members can express different opinions.

——Club finances

Barcelona's current financial situation is very good. Although our salary levels are close to the menacing set by UEFA, our fiscal performance is good. The financing plan for the new project is coming to an end and the budget will exceed 680 million euros. In short, the current situation is much better than when I joined in 2010.

——Coaches coached in Barcelona

I have not been able to witness the splendor of all the coaches in Barcelona history. One of the most legendary coaches is Guardiola, who has sublimated this team and the concept of the game.

——Looking forward to the championship

I hope to win all competitions. Cruyff, Rijkaard and Guardiola instilled the blood of the winner. We must be the side of the victory. I firmly believe that a beautiful performance can bring victory to the game, and it will be easier when we have Messi.

——Other chairperson candidates

No matter how different the political stance is, it will be good for Barcelona's development. This will be an interesting election. I do not intend to elect ahead of time, my term will end in 2021, and we will discuss it again at that time.
——Views on Barcelona's PR door

I answered this question two or three weeks ago, and the club did not confront anyone through social networks. Nowadays we should not only focus on traditional and local media, but also look globally. I have never instructed anyone to report on those things. I also talked to the players, they knew it wasn't true, and calmed me down.

——The future development of the team

We are welcoming a new generation of young players, including players from the second team and from other teams. It's not easy to get players from different countries and different age groups together, so even if we are doing well in the league and the Champions League, I am not satisfied. We have bigger ambitions and we need to continue to improve, that is, each game is better than the last.

-Valverde's departure

The coach is the soul of a team. When he feels exhausted, we must give the team new motivation. We talked to a candidate who was passionate and eager, and we thought he could do it.

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