10 Mar 2020

wellbet news:Sidibe Mbappe is best for playing double forwards and moving on the left

Wellbet en: Mbappe

Live broadcast March 10th. Everton defender Sidibe recently talked about his national teammate Mbappe when he participated in the RMC show. The two were teammates during the Monaco period. Sidibe thinks Mbappe is best suited for a double forward And on the left.

When asked about Mbappe's most suitable position, Sidibe replied: "I think it is one of the double forwards. In Monaco, we had Falcao at the front. He was an all-round forward. He was very smart. Mbappe used his speed to attack his opponents, and he would also contribute to the team on the defensive end. On the wing position, Mbappe can also perform well, he has already demonstrated his ability . "

"But the closer Mbappe gets to the goal, the more threat he can create. He fits on the front line, where he can turn chances into goals or cause trouble for the opponent's defender. I think he might be better suited to play on the left so he can play Cut, dribbled into the penalty area, shot or crossed, but on the right, he can only choose to go outside and rarely make inward attempts. "

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