6 Mar 2020

Wellbet News: Messou calls on Barcelona to sign back Neymar to join Pique to pressure chairman

Wellbet en: Messi wants Neymar to return
According to Spanish media, Messi and other key players hope that Barcelona will sign back to Neymar this summer and put pressure on Bartomeu for this.

"World Sports News" said that before this summer, relevant negotiations will begin, and Messi, Suarez and Pique led the locker room's views, hoping to promote the high-level signing of Barcelona to Neymar. Last summer, Barcelona's locker room wanted Neymar to return, but the transfer was eventually stumped by Paris Saint-Germain's tough stance.

Since switching to Ligue 1 in 2017, Neymar has made 79 appearances for Paris Saint-Germain, scoring 68 goals and 39 assists.

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