6 Feb 2020

Wellbet News:Zidane dared to mess with Messi, but panicked luxury Barcelona and Real Madrid

Wellbet en: Real Madrid and Barcelona stopped in the semi-finals of the Kings Cup on the same day, which is actually quite surprising. However, judging from the way the two teams lost and the state since the New Year, the two teams also lost, and the situation of the two males is different. Barça was already embarrassed, struggling to face the gap in front of her. After all, she still could not escape the confusion of falling into the abyss.

In other words, losing a King's Cup did not affect Zinedine Zidane's re-establishment and increasing confidence in the team. But after losing a King's Cup, he sprinkled a handful of salt on the already scarred Barcelona.

Losing to the Royal Society may not be within Zidane's plan, but this field to examine the players through rotation should be Qi Zu's strategic deployment. Of course, this deployment has paid a price. For example, losing the ball proves that Real Madrid's bench depth is not so optimistic. Another example is Marcelo's table is shaking his head. But for Qi Zu, who has always been "only so concerned" in the King's Cup, this is more like a beneficial experiment based on La Liga and the UEFA Champions League in the recent good momentum-at a price, but acceptable.

Barcelona meet again
If Real Madrid has had enough "feeling of achievement" from the recent good momentum, Barcelona has suffered another sap at a time when this sense of accomplishment was urgently needed. Rotation space is already limited due to injuries and there is still negative news inside the team. You can hardly expect to take over the near-term Setion to make such a risk. It can't be said that Barcelona played poorly, but did not get the most important things when they were in trouble internally and externally, it would be difficult to change the team's decline.

At the same time when losing the night, Real Madrid's entire basic set is still solid and everything is under the control of Zidane; but Barcelona has suffered a serious setback on the already unstable basic set, and from Messi It wasn't like being able to turn the tide to the utmost turmoil at Sethien to the top.

The current situation is closely related to Real Madrid's team building style and behavior style. Despite experiencing a huge loss from Ronaldo's departure, Real Madrid's overall foundation is still very good, and the lineup configuration and athletic ability are also very in line with the current trend of high speed and high strength, that is, the front court is still a little bit sharp. Qi Zu continued to pay close attention to strength after taking office, and this was also what he was good at. Real Madrid today is very solid, there are no obvious weaknesses, it is difficult to defeat in the case of the main force.

What's more, Zidane has always been targeted in the overall strategic deployment and implemented well. And Real Madrid's team culture was not so philosophical or playful. It was the most important thing to be able to get the results. Zidane's way of doing things was "very Real". You can't compare Real Madrid with the Champions League three consecutive periods, but that confidence is returning.

If Zidane's training is "very Real", then the recent problems in Barcelona are "very Barcelona". It was originally a fire-fighting interview. As a result, Abidal's interview became a big bomb that offended almost everyone. Even Messi retaliated against Abidal. Originally, the problems of changing coaches, recruiting, and the atmosphere inside the team were very sensitive. Unexpectedly, the French poured beans on a bamboo tube, sold Bartomeu and sold Harvey, adding a lot of firewood to the fire that was supposed to be saved.

It's okay to say that Messi is a player to protect the first team, that he misunderstood Abidal, but when Messi got involved in this rare public form, it was even more difficult. Although there has been news that Messi and Abidal have made peace, and the talkative coach Sethian has not blended in, the result is obviously not a happy family. Now it is embarrassing for anyone to get ahead.

What's more important is that during the stage of off-site crisis, the problems encountered by the Red and Blue Army on the field have continued to increase. Originally, the lineup lacked vitality and athletic ability, but now it has not been supplemented in the face of continuous serious injuries. If morale is frustrated again, it may not even be able to perform normally. With Messi's characteristics, if the overall configuration and operation are affected, he will also be affected to a considerable extent, and the difficulty of turning decay into magic is becoming more and more difficult, which means that it is even more difficult for Barcelona to summon the Savior. .

Who is responsible? Player, executive or head coach? This is a slap, but in the overall planning of the team, including buyers, sellers, selection of players and head coaches, recruitment and selection timing, Barcelona did have many problems. So that after Valverde left the class, the only stability left was replaced by chaos-there was always a pot.

Of course, you can't predict the next trend of Real Madrid only by the result of a King's Cup game. However, the basic set of the two teams this season, even in recent games, can still roughly see the current overall situation of the two sides. Real Madrid, which looks a bit bland, is steadily under the control of Zidane; while luxury Barcelona, ​​which has repeatedly been heavily assisted, seems to fill more and more questions. Nowadays, it is neither known what the responsibility is, nor what Who can come up with a quick and clear solution.

So ... Barcelona fell behind Real Madrid again. It is clear at a glance which one is expected to be bigger in the second half of the season.

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