6 Feb 2020

Wellbet news:Coach of the Royal Society: We haven't made it to the top four in the King's Cup for 32 years!

Wellbet en:Live broadcast February 7th According to the “Marca” report, after defeating Real Madrid away, the coach of the Royal Society, Imano Alguacil, expressed his emotions.

-Isaac scored twice

He showed us that he is a great player, but I would like to praise the team's performance.

——Feeling at this time

Although we came to Bernabeu with determination to win, we are still very excited now. The team hasn't reached the Kings Cup semi-finals in 32 years, and fans deserve such a reward. What's more, this victory was completed in the full Bernabeu facing such a team ... This is a feat, everyone can imagine how proud we are.

——Real Madrid's counterattack

I thought about this, and we all knew they could reverse the situation in three minutes, so we didn't dare relax until the final whistle.

——You are the chief contributor to this victory

But don't say that, my advantage is these players, I'm glad to be with them. Now the team has only reached the semi-finals, the test is still behind.

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