9 Feb 2020

Wellbet news:Messi was dragged without a verdict or incredible referee

Wellbet en:Live broadcast on February 10th. In the 23rd round of La Liga before the end, Barcelona defeated Real Betis 3-2 away, Messi assisted wearing a hat in this game. At the last moment of the game, Messi was dragged all the way into the opponent's penalty area, but the referee did not make a statement.

In this regard, "Marca" referee expert Oliver said: "It is unbelievable that no penalty was given. Perhaps the referee did not see it, but VAR should make a penalty."

Regarding Langley's goal beyond the score, Betis believes that Langley fouled when he took off. In this regard, Oliver said: "I think the referee's decision is correct, because it should be counted as a goal. Langley won the air confrontation and rewritten the score to 3-2.

Roberto is also yellow in this game. Oliver believes that Roberto should have dyed directly: "Barcelona had two yellow cards in the first half; Roberto should be sent off directly before the end of the half."

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