9 Feb 2020

Wellbet news:Leonardo: Neymar's gifted Mbappe is not spoiled

Wellbet en:Live broadcast February 10th In a French Ligue 1 focus game that ended early this morning, Paris Saint-Germain defeated Lyon 4-2. Leonardo, the sports director of the club after the game, talked about the game, the next Champions League with Dortmund, and the evaluation of Neymar and Mbappe. Leonardo said that Neymar's talent was given by God, and Mbappe was not a spoiled child.

About the match with Lyon

"This is a very difficult game. The team has been in trouble since the beginning of the game, and it is the same in the second half. When you are scored by your opponent, it is definitely a critical moment. We should have protected A good 3-0 lead. When the score was narrowed to 3-2, we returned to the game and created multiple chances to break. The score was finally 4-2, which was a real victory. Lyon It's a very strong team and they have the ability to cause you trouble at any moment. These 3 points are very important to us and this victory has not come easily. "

For worrying about the next match against Dortmund

"I know the problem will follow, and that's why I'm here. To be honest, I can feel the team back a bit in the past two weeks, and I try to see what happens. We need to have this process before the Champions League 1/8 finals. Now the outside world has begun to voice a lot of doubts, similar to: 'This team is not ready.' I have also heard that the level of A against Paris Playing in the Champions League has a negative effect. Then there are the stars in the poorly managed team in Paris. I want to know why you say this. I think everyone now has reason to be happy with what this team has achieved because we are in the league We have a 12-point lead in the standings. We have done our best in the Champions League and have achieved 5 wins and 1 draw. Our lineup is very strong. "

"Why are we worried about the Champions League 1/8 final? I can't find a reason. The next game is not about life or death, it's just a normal game. If we win, then of course it's good. If we don't Win, the team will continue to grow. I think we should come out of this problem. Dort is very similar to our style. The recent score is often 3-2, 5-4 ... I hope my players You can have a calm and calm mind when you walk into the arena. "

Negative media reports before the match with Dort

"Now there have been negative reports about us in the media, it seems that we are ready to lose. I don't like this, it will have a negative impact. We should not bother about this, it is good for everyone. This is for the entire French football, not just Paris. If we can reach the Champions League final, this is also good news for French football. If we have achieved some results, it will be good for everyone. Now I am on the ball The team is satisfied with the work they have done, and the team has performed very well. From the roster of players, how many teams can have our lineup? I hope that everyone will stop caring about those negative reports and don't always think about if we lose That's the end of the ball. It's not the case. A game can't decide life or death, but we will try our best to win. "

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