10 Feb 2020

Wellbet News:I am very satisfied with the team's performance and will not forget Betis

Wellbet en:Live broadcast February 10th According to the "Marca", in the just-concluded La Liga round 23, Barcelona defeated Real Betis 3-2 away. With two behind times, Barcelona equalized the score twice with Messi's assisted hat-trick and finally completed the reversal. Barcelona coach Sethian was interviewed by the media after the game.

——About the competition

We encountered two difficult games in a row and the other side put a lot of pressure on us. The opponent forced us to make it very difficult, and we played very uncomfortably throughout the game. We also tried to grab the opponent, but they have a lot of capable players. Fekir has an extraordinary performance, it is difficult to grab the ball from his feet. However, we have moments in the game that belong to us.


I'm very happy with the team and I should be sure of their performance. There are other things we can do better, but I'm already satisfied. We equalized the score twice and finally reversed.

——The team's progress

The team is improving in many ways. I am very satisfied with their performance and the results of the game.

——Messi was dragged in the penalty zone at the last moment, but the referee ignored it.

From where I am, I have a hard time seeing it clearly. I didn't see if the other party was pulling on Messi. The referee was very close to them, maybe he could see more clearly.


The problem is not with VAR. VAR is a very good tool that can help us make football more fair. It may be too early to evaluate it, but we must agree on the standard of punishment.

—— Away win

The team still lacks a lot. However, this is a very important game, and we scored 3 points away again, which has been difficult for us recently. We were supposed to advance in Bilbao, and today we finally win.

——Return to Villa Marin Stadium

I have many good friends here, and I hope everything goes well with Betis. Just now, our competition is very fierce. Glad to be back here again. Hopefully from now on, Betis will win all subsequent matches. I will not forget this club, I will not forget what they have given me, and I will always remember the goodness of Betis. Maybe someone doesn't understand me and what I do, but I have full respect for them. This is an exciting game and I haven't been here for 7 months. When I left, I hugged many people, and when I returned, I still hugged them.

——Tactical strategy I expected that the other party would definitely adopt a different tactic than before. There are a lot of good players on the other side, and they can easily get rid of our snatch. However, we have had many steals and the team has done a great job in this regard.

—— away game

We should affirm the significance of this victory, because Betis is a very strong team, they are very strong at home, and they have the fanatic support of fans. The opponent played very well. When we started to improve after equalizing, the opponent quickly scored a second goal. But this did not weaken us, we were confident and then equalized the score again.

——Follow Real Madrid in the standings

Our first goal is to win the game and try to bite our competitors in the standings. Victory in this game is crucial because it allows us to continue to maintain our position and continue to put pressure on our opponents. As the game progresses, we will gradually become better and better.

——The team's defense

We have made great progress in defense, not giving the opponents as many opportunities as before. Due to the way we play, our defense will inevitably be unstable, but I am quite satisfied with the team's defensive attitude. In the second half, I don't think we left the other side any chance.

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