6 Feb 2020

Wellbet news:Just one game away! Dembele injury missing 5 million euros for Dort this season

Wellbet en:Live broadcast February 6th. According to the Spanish "Aspen" report, due to the recurrence of Dembele's old injury, he will miss the remaining games of the season and cannot reach the number of appearances in the surcharge clause in his contract from Barcelona to Dortmund. The request will cost Dortmund 5 million Euros.

In the summer of 2017, in order to sign Dembele, Barcelona paid a transfer fee of 105 million euros. In addition, Barcelona and Dortmund also agreed on a 40 million euro surcharge. These surcharges will be paid based on Dembele's goal in Barcelona. For example, to help Barcelona win the La Liga title, one of them is "If Dembele has played 75 games on behalf of Barcelona before the end of the 2019-2020 season, Barcelona will pay 5 million euros to Dortmund".

As of now, Dembele has played in 74 games for Barcelona because he will be absent from the rest of the season and Dortmund will not be able to get the money.

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