5 Feb 2020

wellbet news: In order to avoid conflict with the team's stars Tuchel can only compromise again

Wellbet en:Live broadcast February 6th According to the "Aspen" report, there are various indications that Paris Saint-Germain coach Tuchel in order to avoid conflict with the team's stars, he can only choose to compromise, because the club chairman is more May be on the player's side.

Controlling the locker room is one of the trickiest jobs for Paris Saint-Germain coaches. Just ask Emery, he has dealt with the penalty penalty between Neymar and Cavani, this battle lasted almost a whole season. Now that relations between Neymar and Cavani have eased, Cavani has attended Neymar's birthday party.

Tuchel has to deal with the team's new problems. Last summer Neymar wanted to return to Barcelona. Now Tuhel must deal with the complaints when Mbappe was replaced.The worst happened last weekend when Paris Saint-Germain defeated Montpellier 5-0 and Tuchel replaced Mbappe in the game. Mbappe was so angry that he didn't want to listen to Tuhel's explanation when he walked past Tuhel. Since then, Mbappe refused to apologize to Tuchel.

Tuhel tried to explain to Mbappe why he was replaced, which shows that Tuhel wants to maintain harmony within the team. Many of Tuhel's actions indicate that he knew he was at risk of leaving the class.

Another example is when Neymar celebrated his birthday last weekend and someone asked Tuhel if a birthday party would have a negative effect. Tuchel said: "Yes, but what can I do? If I do n’t let my birthday Party members play the game, then I have no one to use. That's it. Thank goodness, the game is not too intense. "

Tuhel had to compromise once again to avoid conflicts with the team's stars and to keep Paris Saint-Germain chairman Nasser Alkhlefi confident. Hellefi will never relent. Tuhel knew he had lost the battle.

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