10 Feb 2020

Wellbet news:Gradually Daddy! Courtois Laguna has been shot just 28 times and has only conceded 3 goals

Wellbet en:Live broadcast February 11th Real Madrid currently ranks first in La Liga, the team has only lost 14 goals in 23 league games. According to OPTA statistics, Kurtova has faced opponents' shots in La Liga nearly 28 times and has only lost 3 goals.

Prior to this, Courtois was selected as the best player of the month in La Liga with his recent outstanding performance.

Courtois has had 11 games in the league this season with zero blocks, the highest number of zero blocks in La Liga. At the beginning of the season, Real Madrid had conceded goals for a number of consecutive games, and Kourtua was once controversial. However, with the progress of various competitions, Courtois' performance has become better and better, and Real Madrid has been saved many times with excellent performance.

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