10 Feb 2020

Wellbet news: Barcelona senior Messi's departure is not impossible without him ...

Wellbet en:Live broadcast February 11th. Before the high-level Barcelona senior Ariedo Braida (Ariedo Braida) was interviewed recently, talked about the topic of Messi, Barcelona. Braida believes that it is difficult to see Messi leaving Barcelona, ​​but the world of football has never been impossible.

"It is a good thing for Messi to stay in Barcelona. He has always lived with his family in Barcelona. It is difficult to see Messi leave, but there is nothing impossible in the football world."

"(Where would Messi leave?) The team with the most financial resources may be the English team, but it may also be the Italian team. A team with Messi can have great global commercial value. Just Like Milan needs a player with outstanding personal qualities like Ibrahimovic. I think Juventus and Inter can sign Messi. Messi is very expensive and his salary will be very high, but with him, any Everything is possible. "

Regarding the disagreement between Messi and Abidal on Barcelona's internal opinions, Braida said his views, "Abidal may be a good man but lacks experience. He paid for it. In my case, I will first Talk to Messi. I will listen to what happened. If something happens, I will try to mediate. In football, mediation is very important. "

"I can't imagine Barcelona without Messi. He is an untouchable totem character. He is very popular and that's why Messi stays. It was Messi's assist and wearing a hat to help Barcelona win away on Sunday. No He, Barcelona will be another team, an ordinary La Liga team, like teams like Sevilla and Valencia. "

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