4 Feb 2020

wellbet news: Beckham exposed to buy Modric Cavani to dig them to come to the United States to play football

Wellbet en:According to the Spanish media "Marca", Beckham's Miami international team plans to buy Modric and Cavani.

Beckham's team will participate in the 2020 Major League. They hope to use this summer to bring in multiple star players to help the team. Earlier, Beckham and other senior officials finalized Diego Alonso as the team's head coach.

According to the rules of the MLB, three players are exempt from the cap. It is reported that the Miami National Team is eyeing Real Madrid's midfielder Modric, and his contract with Real Madrid will expire in 2021. In addition, they also hope to introduce Cavani, whose contract with Paris will expire this summer. Miami International is willing to pay twice their current salary.

The MLB will begin in March 2020, and they may not have much hope of introducing Modric and Cavani now.

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