4 Feb 2020

wellbet news:Erdgall denies returning to Real Madrid in advance: my contract is unchanged for two years

Wellbet en:At a press conference at the Royal Society, Real Madrid loaned player Erdgau said he hoped the team could play well and eliminated Real Madrid in the quarterfinals of the Kings Cup.

"This is a clash of the Kings Cup quarter-finals, and we want to do something special this year. We look forward to this game and I think it will be a difficult game, but we have the ability to hurt any team."

"We have proven that we can compete with the giants and I have a freshness and desire to participate in this game."
Regarding the match against Real Madrid, Edgar said: "I think we played well in the league against Real Madrid, especially in the first 40 minutes. However, they scored goals, so we must be very high in this game. Level. If we can do it, then we can win. "

Regarding his future, he said that the plan has not changed. "My plan is to rent for two years, and that hasn't changed. I'm very happy here, but now I only focus on daily training and competition."

Earlier, there was news from the Spanish media that Real Madrid may terminate Erdgau's lease contract in advance and recall him to Real Madrid this summer.

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