8 May 2018

WELLBET EN: HIguain double-carved Icardi Tears 2018 World Cup

May 2 hearing 2018 World Cup event is about to open, while the national international competition in the World Cup camp has not yet settled. Many celebrities fight in their clubs and fight in various ways. Inter Milan vs Juventus witnessed the fact that Higuain scored two goals in the match and Icardi Tears won 2018 World Cup.

At the end of last month, Serie A ushered in a focus match between Inter Milan and Juventus, and the match ended with Juve winning as usual. This may also be true for a team. But Juventus Iguain and Inter Icaldi are related to the 2018 World Cup national team lineup.

[ Key issues ]

While playing one less and leading the score, Spalletti chose a conservative substitution for Thornton to replace Icardi. However, the substitutions buried Inter's victory. After Icardi's exit, Juventus took the game 2 minutes 3 minutes. When Iguacu scored a go-ahead goal, Icardi could only throw in the bench. Aquarius, because he knows that this goal may make his World Cup dream broken.

[ Zigzag transformation ]

Inter Milan dominated - one less Inter Milan - the race came to an end - Icardi was replaced - Juventus 2-2 draw Inter Milan - 91 minutes Higuain to help the old woman to overcome Inter Milan!

[ Iguain won the Iccardo Tears 2018 World Cup ]

Inter was the dominant player in this game, but then the boss may not see the game near the end of the game, so he began to play conservatively. Iccaldi was replaced, and it was Higuain's reversal of the score. The key point of the old woman's proud laughter.

Without Icardi's threat, Juventus could arbitrarily attack. First of all, 3 minutes after Icardi was replaced, Juventus caused Inter's Oolong to score a 2-2 draw and 91 minutes to Higuain. The goal was to help Juventus. In this instant, Inter had gone from heaven to hell. The leader who was the leading player was now behind. In the absence of time, it was simply impossible to beat Inter Milan.

In the end, Higuain not only succeeded in helping the team to win each other, but also laid a solid foundation for his World Cup tour. Icardi, on the other hand, sadly reminded him that he is very likely to tear up the 2018 World Cup.

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