8 May 2018

WELLBET EN: Queries of qualifying countries in the 2018 World Cup group match: England may be able to play

From March 29th to the latest 2018, the Russian World Cup 32 teams have already come out. With the World Cup event approaching, everyone is more enthusiastic about the events of the 2018 World Cup qualifying countries. So which of these groups will likely qualify for the group stage? Will there be Russia, Portugal, Denmark, and England? Not to mention that although many water-friends are not good at England, it is still possible.

lthough Russia in Group A is the host, due to the stimulant and the recent incidents of agents, this team is obviously either qualified in advance, or it can prodded the player to play long-term, but no matter how they play, they can’t play it out because they The gap with Uruguay is not a star.

In fact, in addition to Portugal, there are also Spain in Group B. Both of these teams are top one and two in front of the Top 32, who are certainly not satisfied. Portugal, as the top four in the first gear, should have better strength than Spain. This is the problem of heritage.

As for Denmark, as the French compatriots feel a bit to accompany Prince Edward, the gradient of this team is obvious. France, Peru, Australia, and Denmark will clearly understand the possibility of qualifying.

Although England’s strikers are now very low, they are generally helpless with Chelsea, but don’t forget the old Argentina. Although Argentina's problem is the opposite of it. Argentina was the defense of the defense, but in the end, people finally reached the finals in 2014. This was unexpected. By the same token, who can conclude that England, which is now weak and weak, has not been able to make a comeback in the World Cup?

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