8 May 2018

WELLBET EN : The Russian World Cup is within easy reach of the African eagle ready to take off

On May 8, Beijing, known as Africa's eagle, was a veteran team in Africa. Early in the world preliminaries, it locked the team first and advanced to the finals ahead of schedule. This is their sixth time participating in the World Cup finals. It is worth mentioning that they participated in the World Cup in the Russian World Cup three times in a row. Now that the World Cup event is about to start, the African eagle is already ready to take off.

Nigeria is considered to be one of the strongest teams in Africa. In this World Cup qualifier they early locked the team first, and then reached the finals with Argentina, Iceland and Croatia in Group D.

  It is worth mentioning that the 2018 World Cup in Russia is Nigeria's third consecutive participation in the World Cup and is also the sixth time in team history.

  This is their lineup to the finals:

  Goalkeepers: Akepeje, Ezewa, Uzoho

  Defenders: Aina, Echerkir, Omeruou, Econ, Balrogon, Xiehu, Awazem, Edowu

Midfielder: Entebo, Mikel, Moses, Ndidi, Simon, Onaki, Ogu

Forward: Mussa, Iharo, Ignacio, Ivoby, Nwakmey

Nigeria's performance before the World Cup was impressive. It first remained unbeaten in the African qualifiers and then defeated Argentina and Poland in friendly matches by 4-2 and 1-0, respectively. In this regard, Mainz guard Balrogone said that the health of the team's staff is the key to success in qualifying for the World Cup this summer.

  "We have a team that is good enough to perform well in Russia during the World Cup. If every one of us is always in good shape, this team will be overwhelming. As a professional player, you will always want to avoid injuries and just want to be a club. And the country offers everything, but I also know that as long as you play, it will be accompanied by injuries, but we are fortunate enough that we haven’t encountered this yet.All Nigerian players will do their best for the game until the final blow. ring."

  Nigeria has won three African Cups. Since the United States World Cup qualifying in 1994, only the 2006 World Cup in Germany has not participated. Their last appearance in the World Cup was at the 2014 World Cup Brazil World Cup Finals. They lost 0-2 to France and missed the quarter-finals.

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