1 Aug 2018

WELLBET NEWS : Nain returned to the team to catch up with the competition.

WELLSPORTS News: Inter Milan's Belgian midfielder Nain Golan returned to the Apiano training base yesterday.

In the friendly match against Inter Milan at 0-2 on July 18, Nain Golan left early due to injury. The injury of the midfielder touched the hearts of the fans. After the team doctor checked, his left leg rectus muscle was slightly strained.
"Gazzetta dello Sport" said that Nain Golan had returned to the Apiano training base to participate in training yesterday, and he will officially return before the start of the International Champions League match against Real Madrid at the International Tennis Championships on August 11.
Another injured player, Borja-Balero, is about to return. He can participate in Inter Milan's International Champions Cup match against Lyon on August 4.

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