1 Aug 2018

WELLBET NEWS: Mu Shuai is satisfied with the team he owns.

WELLSPORTS News:Herrera said that Mourinho is satisfied with the current Manchester United lineup.

Herrera said: "I can tell my feelings in the locker room, the coach is very optimistic, he is very satisfied with the team he owns. He is very happy with us because we made great efforts in the preseason, this That's what I can say. Last season we ranked second in the league, and the points we got were able to compete for the championship. I think we have very good players, we can fight for every championship, but if the coach wants to strengthen The team, then this is the thing between him and the club."

In the preseason game of Manchester United's 2-1 defeat to Real Madrid, Herrera scored a goal, the 28-year-old star is currently only one year away from Manchester United's contract, he was reported to return to Bilbao. However, the Spanish star said he plans to stay in Manchester United for the next few years.

Herrera said: "I will try every training session and every game to get a new contract. After that, we must talk to the club, we will look at the situation. If I do not try my best The new contract will not appear. When you play for one of the top five clubs in the world, you don't want to leave, you want to stay as long as possible."

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