15 Aug 2018

WELLBET NEWS: The most memorable 15 years of the Champions League final

WELLBET EN News: Leipzig striker Werner said that if Özil wants to return to the German national team, everyone will welcome him.

Although Rakitic suffered a defeat in the World Cup final this summer, in Barcelona, ​​his final luck has been good, he never lost the championship in the finals. He just got the Spanish Super Cup with the Red and Blue Legion and accepted an interview with the official website of the club.

How do you feel in Barcelona?

I am very proud and eager to harvest more. Being part of the history of this club is the greatest thing you can experience. I am full of strength and want to continue to fight for every champion and make the club even bigger – if it might be even greater. I want to continue to enjoy it with all the Barcelona people.

Which of the finals representing Barcelona is the most special?

Every game is special, but (2015) the Champions League does have extraordinary value. It was a champion who meant a lot to us. It was incredible to get the Champions League in the first year. Some of the team have already taken it three or four times, but it is my first time. In addition, I also scored goals in the game, which is always the most special. I still remember that the goal was a pass-and-match, and it was the thing we did all the whole season, and everything was perfect.

Since joining Barcelona, ​​you have won the King's Cup for four consecutive seasons. How did Barcelona maintain its dominance in this event?

Since I came here, winning the King's Cup four times is an amazing milestone. When this happens, I will want to win the fifth and sixth time... You will never get used to winning, we always want more and continue to increase the number of champions. It’s no accident that we have been able to win the King’s Cup for so many years. It’s the result of the team’s excellent work.

Under the leadership of the coaches, you are always the main force of the iron, do you think you are the pillar of the team?

I think the most important thing is to know what the team needs in each training and what to do to win all the championships. Obviously every coach has their own ideas, but I am a professional player. I hope to appear in the training ground every day and enjoy every moment.

Working for Barcelona means 100% enjoyment every moment, every training, every interview, every breakfast and every game.

You have been loved by so many fans and become the key sir of the team. What have you learned from it?

I am a person who appreciates every detail. I tried to reward the fans who came to Sports City, Camp Nou, and away. It's important to keep this connection with the fans, because when I was a child of Basel's first team, I felt like I was the happiest child in the world. Imagine you are in Barcelona! It is important to reward the goodwill of these fans, because I have always said that when the stadium is filled with our fans, when we are united, we will become very powerful.

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