16 Aug 2018

WELLBET NEWS: FIFA's latest world ranking: France summit

WELLBET EN News FIFA announced its world rankings for the first time after the World Cup. France topped the list, followed by Belgium and Brazil. The World Cup runner-up Croatia soared to 4th, the national football 75th, and Germany ranked 1st in the previous period fell to 15th.

This is the first time FIFA has announced the world ranking after the World Cup. This is the first world ranking after FIFA changed the ranking calculation method. After using the new calculation method, the impact of the friendly game results on the world ranking is reduced. This ranking system can be more intuitive and Accurately reflect the strength of the team.

The top 20 teams in the new world rankings are: France, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Uruguay, England, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain & Denmark (tied 9).

11-20th: Argentina, Chile, Sweden, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Wales, Peru.

Italy is ranked 21st. The highest ranked AFC is Iran (32), followed by Australia (43), Japan (55), South Korea (57), Saudi Arabia (70), Syria (73), and China (75).

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