28 Jun 2018

WELLBET: World Cup Group B Spain 2-2 Moroccan First Round advances to Top 16 in Russia

The third round of the fierce battle of the 2018 Russia World Cup group match continued. Spain played against the last opponent of Morocco in the group B in the early morning of the 26th. Two rounds before the group match, Spain scored 4 points in the group stage, winning 1 win and 1 loss. Morocco lost two straight games in advance.
In the first half, Butaiyeb scored one goal and Isco scored the equaliser, Spain 1-1 temporarily Moroccan. In the second half, Amrabat shot a long shot in the box, Enisil headed the ball, and Aspas finally equalized the score. In the end, Spain scored 2-2 against Morocco. In the group stage, Spain scored 5 points on 1 win and 2 draw. Due to another Portugal 1-1 draw against Iran, Spain scored the first qualifying goal in the group. In the 1/8 final, they will play second with Group A. The Russian team competes for the quarter-finals.

Two team lineup
  The Spanish team (4-2-3-1): 1- Dejea/2-Kavajar, 3-Pike, 15-Ramos, 18-Alba/10-Tiago (74'20 - Ascension), 5 - Busquets/21 - David Silva (84'9 - Rodrigo), 22 - Isco, 6 - Iniesta/19 - Diego Costa (74'17-Aspas)
  Morocco (4-2-3-1): 12-Monirre/17-Dir, 4-Da Costa, 6-Seth, 2- Ashraf/8-Ahmadi, 14- Bossofah/16-Amrambat, 10-Belhandad (64'11-Fair), 7-Ziehe (85'20-Buhaduz) / 13-Butayb (72 '19-Ennisiri)
Competition scoring replay
In the 14th minute, Iniesta and Ramos cooperated with mistakes. Buttabu succeeded in the offside after stealing the ball and went single-handedly. He calmly dribbed the ball into the restricted area, calmly pushed his left foot and the ball flew from Degea. Into the goal, 0-1! This is Morocco's first goal scored in this World Cup.
In the 19th minute, Iniesta left the ball to reach the restricted area, pass the inverted triangle, and Isco took over the place and the right foot burst to tie the game, 1-1!
In the 81st minute, Faye entered the restricted area on the right corner, leaped up from the head of Ennisili Middle Road, and the ball went straight into the top right corner of the goal, 1-2!
In the 91st minute, Carvalhal made a cross from the right, and Aspass broke the ball at the heel. Initially, the ball was judged offside and was invalid. However, after the video referee replayed, the referee penalized the final goal, 2-2! In the end, Spain scored 2-2 against Morocco.

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