28 Jun 2018

WELLBET EN: World Cup Live Mexico VS Sweden Organizes Core Matchup Focus

News from June 30th to June 27th, the last round of the 2018 World Cup match in Russia will continue to be held. At 22 o'clock tonight, the live video of group F will be played in focus. Mexico will play against Sweden. This game will affect the final qualifying list. In addition, the direct dialogue between the two organizations' cores will become a major aspect of the game, and how will the two outstanding performances of the champions have a wonderful fight? Let us wait and see.
Two teams starting lineup prediction
Mexico (4-2-3-1): 13-Ochoa; 3- Salcedo, 21-Alderson-Alvarez, 15-Moreno, 23-Galardo; 16-A Leila, 18-Guardado; 7-Layun, 10-Dos Santos, 22-Losano; 14-Hernandez
Sweden (4-4-2): 1-Olson; 2-Rustig, 3-Lindelov, 4-Grangequist, 6-Augustinson; 17-Clarson, 7-Pull Nelson, 8-Eckdale, 10-Forsberg; 9-Marcus-Berry, 20-Toivernin
Outlet decision battle
Now Mexico's two-game winning streak is ranked first in the group. They can qualify for a tie and Sweden is ranked third with one victory and one loss. They have to win before they can take the initiative. If the two teams fail to do so, they will see the result of the match between Germany and South Korea to determine who will qualify. Which two teams will take the initiative to win the line?
  Gatekeeper saves PK: Ochoa VS Olsen
There are two focal points in Mexico and Sweden. They are their respective gatekeepers. Mexico’s goalkeeper Ochoa Komori made an excellent performance in Germany, and Swedish goalkeeper Olsson also made several rescues against Germany. It is because of the outstanding performance of these two goalkeepers that they can achieve such a result today in the World Cup. At this moment, the two sides meet again and Ochoa and Olsen will face even greater challenges. Whoever is able to protect the city from the door will have the opportunity to stand out from this group.
  Organizational Core Showdown: Guardado VS Fosbury
Eindhoven veteran Guardado has excellent control and footwork, and he is the best player in the Mexican team, which is the main player in anti-countermeasures. At the same time, Fossberg, the core player of the Red Bulls in Leipzig, is also the center of the Swedish team's well-deserved frontcourt. Compared to other noble and delicate Vikings, Fosbury’s spirit will give the team an attack. Not the same change. The direct dialogue between the two team's organization cores will also determine the trend of the game to a large extent.
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