13 Jun 2018

WELLBET EN: Modric + Rakitic leads the Croatian 23-man list with live broadcast of the World Cup schedule

News from June 3 to 5, the 2018 Russia World Cup will begin on the 14th opener duel, and the D Group of Croatia will also start the first World Cup match against Nigeria on the 17th. In the Croatian national team's 23-man roster for the World Cup in Russia, Modric, Rakitic lead, Perry Sicki and Manjukic selected. Compared with the previously announced 24 people's congresses, Mitt currently plays for Bruges. Rowich regretted his failure. Can they succeed in the D group with Argentina, Iceland and Nigeria? The 3rd and 5th sports will broadcast live events of the World Cup.
The Croatian national team announced the Russian World Cup 23-man roster, Real Madrid midfielder Modric, Barcelona midfielder Rakitic, Juventus striker Mandukic, etc. were all short-listed, Bruggebacker Mitrorovich was adjusted to the final list. The specific list of Croatian 2018 World Cup 23ers is as follows:
  Forwards: Manjukic (Juventus), Perisic (Inter Milan), Kalinic (AC Milan), Kramaric (Hofenheim), Piatca (Schalke 04), Rayby Qi (Frankfurt)
  Midfielders: Modric (Real Madrid), Rakitic (Barcelona), Kovacic (Real Madrid), Bardley (Florence), Brozovic (Internazionale), Bradaric (where Yeka
  Goalkeepers: Susarochi (Monaco), L-Kalinic (Ghent), Livakovich (Dinamo Zagreb)
  Defenders: Joel Luca (Lokomotiv Moskva), Vida (Beşiktaş), Strinić (Sampdoria), Lovren (Liverpool), Vrsalico (Atletico Madrid), Piwaric (Dynamo Kyiv), Yedhae (Leverkusen), Caleta-Carr (Salzburg Red Bull)

 In the Croatian lineup, the super midfield combination of Modric and Rakitic is the most striking. What will be the performance of Croatia in the midfield where each of these two players is very important in Barcelona and Real Madrid? Croatia, which is divided into the D group with Argentina, Iceland, and Nigeria, will start the World Cup with Nigeria on the 17th, then on the 22nd against Argentina and on the 27th against Iceland. In the end who will put the group out, let's wait and see.
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