20 Jun 2018

WELLBET EN: 20 live Portugal Portugal VS Morocco key battle - C Ronaldo and Real Madrid younger brother

News from June 5th to 20th in the second round of the 2018 Russia World Cup group match, the video will be broadcast live in Portugal against Morocco at 20 o'clock tonight. This game is a crucial battle related to the final qualifying in Group B. Can Portugal win the hope of defending the qualifying goal? What will happen to Cristiano Ronaldo, who has completed hat-trick in the last big show? The civil war between Ronaldo and Ashraf was also the focus of all fans. In addition, can the Moroccan World Cup be overwhelmed by this upset World Cup?
Two teams starting lineup forecast
  Portugal (4-3-3): 1 - Patricio; 21 - Cedric, 6 - Fonte, 3 - Pepe, 5 - Guerrero; 8 - Moutinho, 14 - William - Card Vallo, 10-Joao-Mario; 7-Cristiano Ronaldo, 9-André Silva, 17-Gelders
  Morocco (4-3-3): 12-Munier; 17-Dilal, 6-Cels, 5-Benetia, 2- Ashraf; 14-Busuffa, 8-Ahmed Di, 10-Belhanda; 16-Amrabat, 9-Kabi, 7-Ziehe
Key battle
  In the first round of confrontation between the two sides, Morocco lost 0-1 to Iran in the opening match, while Portugal scored 3-3 against Spain, so Iran temporarily ranked first in the group. However, this does not mean that Iran's prospects are better, because Iran will have to face Spain and Portugal in succession. In these two games Iran is unlikely to win. For the West and Portugal teams, only 1 point is required to win the match against Iran, otherwise it will be very difficult to qualify. The qualifying situation in this group is relatively complicated, with the exception of Morocco.
  Regardless of who wins the match, they will take the initiative in their own hands. Especially for Morocco who lost in the first game, if it loses to Portugal, it will be in a very passive situation. If Portugal cannot win, if Spain defeats Iran, they will also be paralysed. Therefore, the outcome of this game has greatly affected the group's qualifying.
  Does Morocco have a chance to upset?
  In this round of the World Cup, the teams that were considered popular champions failed to make a good start in the first round. Many teams that were disadvantaged in terms of strength were even in the first round and even defeated their opponents. Germany lost to Mexico, Brazil was flattened by Switzerland, and Argentina was equalized by Iceland. In this case, although Morocco failed to win in the first round, teams that can enter the World Cup finals are not to be underestimated. For such a team, Portugal must avoid taking it lightly.
  After Ronald C. hat-trick continuation of fiery?
  In the first match against the mighty Spain, Ronaldo was able to assist Portugal with his own efforts to tie the opponent and even once saw the possibility of taking all three points. In this game, Ronaldo staged a hat trick, not only that, but the moment he scored a tie-breaking ball also ignited people's passion. At present, Ronaldo has an exclusive 3 shots in the top scorer and has broken his own curse with only 1 goal per World Cup. His status is excellent. The so-called big game to see Ronaldo, in this World Cup Ronaldo has a good start, with a fiery state against the second opponent Morocco, Ronaldo can score a few goals?We will wait and see.
  C Luo VS Real Madrid younger brother
  The confrontation between Ronaldo and Real Madrid's younger brother Ashraf is also a focus of attention. In the past season, Ashraf has become a strong player in Real Madrid and has won the Champions League with the team, but now Ashraf will be The right-hand side of his guarding ushered in the challenge of the big brother Ronaldo, the Real Madrid civil war, what kind of sparks between the two will collide? One thing is for sure, the two sides will inevitably come up with all the means to help their own ball The team hopes to help the team achieve a good result.
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