20 Jun 2018

WELLBET EN: 1-1 Brazil Neymar was infringed 10 times by Switzerland

Three-Five Sports News June 19 hearing, the 2018 World Cup in Russia in full war, the E group to conduct a strong dialogue, winning the championship against Brazil ranked seventh in the world. In the end, Coutinho made a perfect right-footed arc, and a cloud arrow helped Brazil take the lead. However, at the beginning of the second half, Zubell's small corner of the penalty area shook his head and the two teams eventually fought 1-1. And Neymar, who was highly regarded in the game, showed almost all of his weapons in the game. Unfortunately, these operations did not translate into goals and did not help his teammates score goals, but did not help the team take away 3 points. .

In this game he was invaded by the Swiss team 10 times. This is also the first time in 20 years that Alan Schiller (against Turkey) has been violated more than 10 times in a single game after 11 violations. But this is more or less because Neymar has taken too many balls and has taken extra care. It can also be said that Neymar's fancy has led to his being targeted.

Neymar's performance on the field is indeed very eye-catching, Switzerland's entire right-wing defense line was suddenly unrequited, all three yellow cards that Switzerland had eaten in this game were all concentrated on this route, and they were all committed. Mal body. Even the Swiss coach’s subsequent two substitutions were directly influenced by Neymar, because if they do not change, the two players are likely to have received the second yellow card. Brazil’s No. 10 has suffered 10 infringements in this game, ranking highest in the Russian World Cup.
Judging from these details, Neymar’s own absolute strength is undoubted, and there is no doubt about the tremendous pressure on the formation of the Swiss defense. According to common practice, if such a scene arises, shouldn't the opponents be beaten long before? Why is the final 1-1 draw (when Switzerland's goals are a bit big before the goal)?
The answer to this question is quite obvious. Although Neymar’s personal lethality is very strong, he has too many sticky balls and he always does not consciously show his skills. This has seriously affected the offensive efficiency of the Brazilian team. The most common scenario is that both players stop to watch him. One person performed there.
It is worth mentioning that Neymar also repeatedly used provocative actions to “provoke” the 33-year-old Swiss veteran Behrami. This move also angered the other player. Swiss players' fouls on Neymar begin to increase. In the 31st minute, Lichtsteiner received a yellow card for Neymar's "locking throat". At the end of the first half of the game, a shot showed that Neymar's socks had been knocked out by his opponents!
In today's match against the Swiss team, Neymar focused more on the breakthrough, but the shooting desire and shooting sensation have yet to be improved. Neymar loves to show off his skills and is always thinking about using fancy moves to "bully" the other defender. Such moves tend to annoy his opponents and put himself at risk. And if such fancy and dazzling skills do not help the team to win, it will be meaningless.
Brazil scored the first battle, and Serbia defeated Costa Rica 1-0 in the first game. Although their strength is above the brightness, the World Cup never lacks dark horses and an upset, such as Argentina and Germany. As the star of Neymar, can he focus more on efficient offense and focus on helping the team? Let us look forward to the samba team's match against Costa Rica on the 22nd.
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