24 May 2018

WELLBET EN: Sure Messi Lama Supports World Cup Expansion

 May 30th, Beijing time May 25th, for Messi's affirmation that the chairman of the Brest Dynamo Club in Russia Maradona is not at all embarrassing, he is sure that Messi, even if not to win the World Cup is also a contemporary football giants , Phenomenon level. At the same time, they also agreed to expand the World Cup.

In an interview with the media in Argentina, Maradona, the chairman of the Brest Dinamo club in Russia, said that whether or not Messi won the World Cup was a great player. At the same time, he also supported the World Cup expansion.

  Maradona had worked with Messi, but the cooperation between the two did not allow Argentina to dream at the World Cup. In 2014 Brazil World Cup, Messi led the team to the finals, but lost to the final champion Germany.

  But this does not affect his affirmation of Messi.

  "Messi does not need a World Cup champion to prove that he is a phenomenal player. Whether or not he can win the World Cup, he is a phenomenal player. I say this because I have 40 years of experience in football. ”

  However, Messi is indeed worthy of everyone's pursuit. At present, he is the best shooter odds in the World Cup is 10, ranked first in odds, Ronaldo is 15, visible gap.

  For the World Cup expansion, Maradona expressed his support for such moves.

  "I agree with this idea, because it will promote the passion of the sport. The World Cup will make the world full of passion. There is no more important game than the World Cup. Therefore, more people need to enjoy it."

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