25 May 2018

WELLBET EN: The hardest thing to sell is the U.S. Russian World Cup. Please beware of Russian beauty.

Three-Five Sports News Beijing time May 25, the upcoming World Cup in Russia swayed from the hearts of the fans how many ring, the various guides to buy and buy the relevant trip to Russia, all kinds of travel recommendations. However, many fans have a particularly important one, especially the male fans who may be involved in this move. It is often said that the most difficult sales are the grace of the Americans. Even Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zaharova strongly agrees with the Russian World Cup at the press conference. Beware of this statement of Russian beauty.
The 2018 World Cup in Russia will be held in 11 cities in Russia from June 14 to July 15. On the eve of the competition, many countries have given their own fans ready to go to Russia to pay attention to Russia.
Ukraine is concerned that fans will be kidnapped in Russia, and London has issued a drinking guide for fans, saying that “it is best not to fight with the Russians.” “The propaganda work in these countries is doing very well and they are doing everything they can to scare fans. Let them dare not come to Russia". However, people have become accustomed to this, there will still be a lot of fans to see the World Cup.
So what should you pay attention to this trip to the World Cup in Russia? Beauty grace.
According to a report from the Russian News Agency on May 23, in a press conference recently, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaharova attacked the "proposals" proposed by many countries around the world for Russia.
"The World Cup really did not let our partners worry less. To put it mildly, we enjoyed the brochures, suggestions, and reminders that some countries have prepared for the fans. These are really wonderful suggestions. Among them, I like most countries like Argentina. Beware of Russian beauty advice."
In addition, Russia is a country that hates homosexuality. Although the local government has promised to guarantee the personal safety of gay fans to a certain extent, it is still suggested that fans keep their minds in their passion and not overheat, so as not to provoke local extreme fans unnecessary trouble.
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