18 Apr 2018

WELLBET EN NEWS: 2018 World Cup in Russia The Samara Arena still needs to work


April 174 News Near the opening ceremony of the 2018 World Cup, but only two months, but the 2018 Russia World Cup is still not fully occupied, especially in the Samara Arena, the situation is extremely serious, it is reported that it is currently trying to complete.

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The FIFA and Russia World Cup organizing committee recently sent a senior inspection team to conduct field visits and assessments for all World Cup stadiums under construction. According to plan, the six stadiums will be tested in the test race this month. Previously, the Ekaterinburg Central Stadium and the Kaliningrad Stadium have already been tested, and their operational capabilities have been recognized by Russian officials. Colin Smith, director of the FIFA Competition, was also quite satisfied with the results of the investigation

Although there are phenomena like the Samara Arena that are not awesome, they are generally good. According to news from the Russian News Agency today, the chairman of the World Organizing Committee and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dvorkovic said during an inspection tour of the Central Stadium in Yekaterinburg that from the investigation report from representatives of the organizing committee and fans after the match, it can be seen that the Central Stadium The completion rate for holding World Cup matches has reached 95%, and the other 5% of the issues are non-systematic issues, including climate issues such as snowfall and the coordination of event organization. At present, all issues have been resolved.

In addition, in the four cities of Novgorod, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don and Saransk, which are about to undergo testing in the test races, Volgograd’s complete infrastructure preparation rate was 90%.
Russia’s deputy prime minister in charge of sports work, Muteko, said that the package’s main infrastructure “has no problems” and that he can start creating entertainment areas for fans and urban entertainment and other entertainment projects. Of course,

during this period, due to the fact that the construction period of the Samara Arena was seriously lagging behind, the visit to the 2018 Russia World Cup was not perfect. [Sammar Arena is "the most problematic"] 90% of the project is completed; There is a lack of turf at an important part of at least 10,000 square meters; Azarov,
the acting governor of Samara State, said that the cold weather and heavy rainfall this spring have brought great difficulties to the construction work. However, in the next 10 days, turf will arrive in Samara from Germany and be laid. Solved this "toughest problem",

 I believe that the stadium can be operated before May. The 018 World Cup in Russia will be held in 12 stadiums in 11 cities including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Kaliningrad, and Nizhny Novgorod. Although there are still some venues yet to be completed, the Samara Arena is still required. Efforts have been made, but the overall progress has been excellent.
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