19 Apr 2018

Wellbet en News: 2018 World Cup Colombia Team Forecast 2018 World Cup Colombia starting

April 18 The Colombian team made a brilliant record in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but as Valderrama and other superstars faded out, the team gradually fell out.

Until recently the sudden sudden re-emergence of the ranks, not only in the last World Cup into the quarter-finals, is to 2018 also reached the World Cup finals! ! So with 2018 World Cup Colombia team, the 2018 FIFA World Cup Colombia team starting can get a better record? Everyone may wish to wait and see!

In the 2014 Brazil World Cup match against Uruguay, Colombia successfully defeated Uruguay to qualify for the promotion. In the 2018 World Cup preliminaries, Colombia once again emerged and qualified for the finals. Here's an official prediction of the 2018 World Cup Colombia team lineup, the 2018 World Cup starting in Colombia, the 2018 World Cup Colombia 23 list details.

After experiencing the volleyball, Colombia, etc. came to the spring. After losing 3 consecutive World Cups in a row, when the 2014 World Cup returned to the South American continent, Colombia returned strongly to the quarter-finals of the World Cup. 2018 World Cup, Russia World Cup, Colombia will once again strongly play it? It's worth taking a look.

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