28 Mar 2018

WELLBET EN news: Argentine World Cup seats will be full soon Di Barra is really missed the trip to Russia?


 From the players recruited in the match against Argentina in Argentina

 (Wellbet World Cup 2018).

"Marca" once pointed out that Argentina has already confirmed 15 World Cup places. Of course that fashion is still speculation. Recently, the "Trumpet" disclosed that 16 out of 23 people have already been confirmed. However, there is still a wooden Dybala, is he really destined to miss the 2018 World Cup?

Sampoly is very satisfied with the team's performance against Italy, especially when Messi is not playing. Before the game, he may think that he has not yet reached 80% of his planning, but now he feels that the team is ready for 90%.

The Trumpets revealed that 16 out of 23 people have already been identified: Messi, Otamendi, Biglia, Di Maria, Romero, Mercado, Higuain, Aguero, Barnega, Mascherano, Guzman, Acuna, Fazio, Rojo, Pavel, Salvio (if recoverable from injury), and after World War I in Manchester, Sanbaoli established Kaballero, Taliafigo, Los Cerso and Lancini.

In addition to the above-mentioned important tasks, Argentina also needs 3 players. It is reported that Murray, Pezela and Parejo, Bustos have opportunities.

What about Dybala? A voice burst out from within Argentina. "Do not forget Dybala."Whether Sam Pooli will eventually bring him or not, it also said two, but has not yet confirmed his quota, at least shows that in the eyes of the coach, he has not emerged from other Argentine players. Want to go to the 2018 World Cup? Dybala seems to have worked harder! !

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