13 Feb 2020

Wellbet News:Rakitić is willing to play with Ronaldo but reiterates Messi is the best in the world

Wellbet en: Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic admits he wants to play with Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo as he still has questions about his future at Camp Nou.

Rakitic continues to be linked to Serie A champion Juventus, and when asked if he would like to play with five-time Golden Globe winner C Ronaldo, the 31-year-old told the Bleacher Report that he was very impressed with the prospect open.

"Of course I do. He is also one of the best players in history. You like to watch him play. He plays well in Juventus."Rakitić is currently the captain of Barcelona and the teammate of six-time Golden Globe winner Messi, who has always called Messi the best player ever.

"It's great to play with him. He's special. There are great players in every era, but I believe he is the best in the past 15 years."

"In my opinion, I think he is the best. Six years with him is incredible."

Rakitic has previously expressed his dissatisfaction with the treatment of head coach Ernesto Valverde and his staff in January when he was fired, and acknowledged that he had considered leaving Barcelona.

"This is part of football," Rakitic said. "You have to understand this and be prepared (to leave)."

"You have to be happy, you have to think about your family, and if I play for Barcelona, ​​I am happy."

The Croatian star was also asked about Neymar's future, and he admitted that he would open his arms to welcome the Brazilian back to Camp Nou.

"First of all, I certainly hope Neymar is on my team and he needs to decide what is best for him because he is my good friend." He said.

"I want to see him happy, and of course, when he is happy, he is one of the best players in the world."

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