3 Feb 2020

Wellbet news:God data! Real Madrid tough guy concedes 715 minutes and Marcelo becomes his substitute

Wellbet en:Real Madrid left-back Mendy
There is no doubt that Ferran Mendy became Zidane's main left-back.

Against Atletico Madrid, Mendy made his debut and was very defensive. Since Real Madrid lost to Majorca on October 19th, Real Madrid's defense has taken on a new look. In addition to his excellent performance on the defensive end, Mendy also played on the offensive end. He assisted Benzema and scored the only goal for Madrid Derby. In the game, he stopped Correa and prevented him from scoring.

Mendy's defensive numbers are dazzling. In the 11 La Liga matches he played, Real Madrid conceded only 3 goals and were respectively scored by Villarreal and Real Sociedad. In the La Liga match time of 1003 minutes, Mendy only conceded a goal every 334 minutes. Only Liverpool's Gomez has better statistics than Mendy. He scored 2 goals in 16 games in 1007 minutes.

In all competitions, as long as Mendy is on the field, Real Madrid has not conceded goals for 715 minutes. The last time Mendy was on the field, Real Madrid conceded a goal against Bruges on December 11 last year. Mendy played 18 games and lost 7 goals, 5 of which occurred in September.

Since last season, Marcelo has begun to decline, and now he cannot shake Mendy's main position. Mendy became a key player in Real Madrid's defensive system. His contribution on the defensive end was far greater than Marcelo.

Zidane will still give Marcelo playing time, but it is clear that Mendy is already his first choice. Because he is worth it.

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