3 Feb 2020

wellbet news:Tottenham can't afford Bell salary and you won't leave Real Madrid

Wellbet en:According to Welsh star Bell's agent, Tottenham Hotspur cannot possibly
introduce Bell because they cannot afford his salary.

During the winter transfer, there were rumors linking Bell to Spurs, and others saw Spurs chairman Levi appear in Madrid. However, Bell is equivalent to a weekly salary of 600,000 pounds, which has become his biggest obstacle to any team transfer. Now that the transfer window has been closed,
Bell's agent Barnett said there was no transfer negotiation between Spurs and him. "No, Levi may have gone to Madrid, but this should not be my comment. Gareth is very happy at Real Madrid, let's be realistic, for most clubs, financially, they can't afford him at all."

"Some people say it's easy to give up this salary and go to play elsewhere, but it's not all about money. It's about his lifestyle and his children, they all grew up in Madrid."

"I think people don't understand the situation, people write articles and make comments, but they don't know what they are talking about, and they may not leave (Real Madrid)."

"It's not that I have the final say, but Gareth believes that he still has a future at Real Madrid. His family is happy, he's good here, he has a good lifestyle, so he can choose where he wants to play . "

Bell currently has a contract with Real Madrid for two and a half years, and it seems that he does not want to easily give up this large contract and leave the team.

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