22 Jan 2020

WELLBET NEWS:Vallejo to lease to Granada for half season

Wellbet en:Live broadcast January 23rd According to the Spanish "Marca" report, Real Madrid's Spanish defender Vallejo is close to lease to join Granada, and the transaction is close to the official announcement.

Vallejo was loaned by Real Madrid to the Wolves this season, but did not get too many appearances in the Wolves. He only played 7 games for a total of 612 minutes. His last appearance for the Wolves was with Aston Vie Pull in the English League Cup.

After that League Cup, Vallejo lost the trust of Wolves coach Nuno, who frankly said, "Palejo may leave the team in January because he wants to play, and this does not meet his needs, sometimes He played well, and sometimes he didn't play well, obviously it didn't go well. "

"Marca" said that Vallejo will sublet to Granada to the end of the season, he has now appeared in Granada. Vallejo will return to Real Madrid this summer to see where his future lies.

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