21 Jan 2020

WELLBET NEWS:Mbappe hires well-known lawyer could be key to his joining Real Madrid

Wellbet en:Live broadcast January 22 According to the "Aspen" report, Mbappe recently hired Delphine Verheyden, a well-known lawyer, which may be the key to his future joining Real Madrid.
At present, Mbappe's future is still unclear. He has not made clear whether he will stay in Paris Saint-Germain next season, and rumors about his transfer to Real Madrid have intensified, and Del has not attracted much attention. Philip may play a key role in Mbappe's transfer.

Delphi is a very famous lawyer. Mbappe hired him a few months ago. According to French media reports, Mbappe's move is obviously to make the transfer to Real Madrid a reality. It is reported that Mbappe assigned Delphi with the task of handling her transfer. Although Delphi has not made any remarks recently, she said a few months ago that "if Mbappe plays in Real Madrid, He has won the Golden Globe. "

The next few months may be crucial for Mbappe's future. French journalist Julien Laurens firmly believes that Mbappe will definitely leave Paris. He said that the players are now 100% focused on the team and can not say too much, it will be dangerous.

According to this reporter, Mbappe is now focusing on winning the Champions League, but behind the scenes, the wheels have begun to roll, and Delphi will play a key role in the process of Mbappé's contract extension or transfer to Real Madrid.

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