27 Jan 2020

Wellbet News:Kobe crash latest investigation helicopter is faultless, suspected operating error

WELLBET EN: On January 28, Beijing time, NBA legend Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash yesterday. His second daughter, Jaina, died with him. Today, after viewing flight records, many flight experts initially believed that bad weather was the main cause of the accident, and when the pilot lowered his altitude, he found that he was too close to the ground and wanted to turn 180 degrees, but unsuccessfully.One of the commercial pilots analyzed: "The weather was very bad at that time, and the pilot should have noticed that the terrain was constantly rising, apparently trying to raise the flight height. But at that time between the two mountains, the space was limited, and it was difficult to guarantee Flying visually to raise the height quickly, so in my opinion, only a 180-degree turn can get out of danger. But when he turned, he turned to a place where the terrain gradually increased, and found that he was getting closer to the ground. I want to raise the height again, but unfortunately hit the mountain. "

Another pilot said: "At the last moment, the pilot should also find that the ground is getting closer and closer because he flew into a valley. Obviously he also found this and wanted to leave the area, but unsuccessfully."

"This is an accident caused by the weather. In the field of aviation, it is called a controlled flight hit the ground, that is to say that the aircraft has no problems and is completely controllable, just because it was flying to the ground under the pilot's control. "

"The pilot wanted to get away from the clouds and keep flying visually, but the clouds were high or low. Under heavy fog conditions, he lost the conditions for visual flight and collided with the ground. This is the so-called controlled flight collision. "

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