31 Jan 2020

Wellbet News: The pilot of the helicopter in the Kobe crash took off the same day

Wellbet en:On January 31, Beijing time, according to the New York Times, legally speaking, the helicopter in which the nine Lakers and Kobe Bryant were killed was not allowed to fly with low visibility.

According to a number of people familiar with the matter, the pilot who was in the helicopter when Kobe was killed cannot legally fly the helicopter through equipment because the owner of the helicopter's company does not have the relevant federal qualifications.

The company to which the helicopter belongs restricts its pilots from flying under visual flight rules, that is, visibility must be 3 miles, and clouds must be at least 1,000 feet from the ground.

It is reported that the helicopter company has no qualifications to allow his pilots to rely on instruments and equipment to fly.

Although the wrecked helicopter was equipped with sophisticated equipment and the pilot Ara Zobayan (a private pilot of Kobe since 2016) has the qualifications to fly on the equipment, he was required to rely on the equipment only if visibility was sufficient Equipment flying helicopter. But on the day of the Kobe incident, visibility over Los Angeles was poor.

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