6 Sep 2018

WELLBET NEWS: Not enough people, Bayern 66-year-old assistant to join the training

WELLBET EN News: Many of the Bayern Munich club players have followed their respective national teams to participate in the national team competition.
This week, the Bayern Munich club has only a small number of players left in the training ground. According to the German media "Pictorial" report, Bayern Munich's 66-year-old assistant coach Herman also joined the team's training.
In addition to Herman, a day before, the Kovacs brothers have joined the club's training. Coach Nico Kovacs staged the real version of "I am on the line" to demonstrate the technical movements to the players.
In the previous training, another assistant coach, Robert Kovac, even wore Wagner and laughed.
At present, the first team members of Bayern training are only Gnabri, Hames-Rodriguez, Robben, Ribéry, Harvey Martinez, Ulrich, Rafinha and Wagner.
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