5 Aug 2018

WELLBET NEWS: People criticize me because I am at the top; goalkeeper pressure is smaller than the penalty player

WELLBET EN News: In the just-concluded World Cup England goalkeeper Piqueford performed well.

In an interview, he said that people would criticize him because he is at the top level, which is what he hopes to achieve.
In England against England for the first time to win the World Cup penalty shootout, in the final round of Pickford saved Baka's penalty is very crucial, for this game Pikford recalled: "After the game, the actual Everything was relaxing. I was preparing for drug testing, so I couldn't even visit my parents and my wife! Then we flew back to Base Camp. I fell asleep directly, I only looked back once or twice. I didn't lie there and watch it. Although I am very happy, I still have to look forward to continue the next victory. However, my Instagram fans have gone up!"
"The fact is that this kind of interview makes me even more nervous! The football thing will not make me nervous. Every time I hit the penalty, I have the same habit, I do it according to my own thoughts. I feel very relaxed. I think the goalkeeper The pressure is smaller than the penalty player!"
"I want to play for England as long as possible. It feels very good. The coach trusts me too, but you only have one chance to play football. I have to catch it.”
During an English party, then the captain Rooney sent a picture of Pickford to Pittford's former Sunderland teammate George Horniman: "He didn't say a word!"
Speaking of this, Pickford smiled and said: "This is very tense, isn't it? As a young man, for the first time sitting next to the top scorer in England's history and the then captain. Who wouldn't be nervous? I was sitting opposite Rooney and Henderson. Wayne (Rooney) was a worthy person to learn. He sent me a text message to support me during the World Cup."
"I am very strong in spirit. The criticism from outside will not affect me. I know whether my performance is good or bad. I always ask my father, he will tell me directly. Other people will not affect me, only let I am getting better. I still call my old goalkeeper coach Mark Prudhoe in Sunderland, he is very sincere to me."
After the 0-1 loss to the group match in Belgium, it was criticized that Pickford should use his right hand to shoot Januzai's shot instead of the left hand.
"In the face of Januzai's shot, the reaction at the time was instinctive. It was like boxing. If you use a left uppercut, your opponent might cross the head and give you a blow with a right uppercut. My reaction is very Ok, only between the slightest, if I throw it out, everyone will say: 'This is a wonderful save!' People will criticize me because I am at the top level, which is what I hope to achieve."
"As a goalkeeper, you can be technically great, but the most important thing is to save the ball. Sunderland's Mark once said that the goalkeeper's job is to throw the ball out, no matter how perfect or rough the technique is."
Earlier it was reported that Chelsea was very interested in Pickford. But Everton goalkeeper said: "I just want to calm down and take my wife to Greece for a holiday. This season is coming soon, so my vacation has shortened. Coach Marco Silva sent me several text messages at the World Cup. I talked to the new goalkeeper coach and I want to continue to improve."

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