28 Aug 2018

WELLBET NEWS: The final round of the Champions League qualifier Ajax loses can still advance

WELLBET EN News: In the morning of Beijing time, the final round of the Champions League qualifying round will be staged in a competitive focus battle.

The Ukrainian giants Dynamo Kyiv will face the old Dutch team Ajax at home. In the first round match between the two teams, Ajax scored 3-1 at home to Dynamo Kyiv, Tadic, Ziye and Van Dybeck scored for Ajax, and Koziola for Kiev. Dynamo pulled back a goal. In the morning game, Ajax will be able to make sure to qualify for the Champions League 32 group match in the new season as long as they draw the opponent or not net opponents with 2 or more goals. On the contrary, the Dynamo Kyiv must win at home and win a game of Ajax 2 or more goals in order to reverse the opponent's advance into the Champions League group stage. However, fortunately, there is an away goal in Dynamo Kiev, which gives them hope for a first-line turn.

The two teams have had three matchups before, all in the Champions League qualifiers, Ajax has the upper hand with 2 wins and 1 loss. In the 2010-2011 season of the Champions League qualifier, the first round of Dynamo Kyiv was beaten by Ajax at home 1-1, while the second round lost to Ajax 1-2 away. With a total score of 2-3 in two rounds, they were eliminated. This time, Dynamo Kyiv should avoid being kicked out of Ajax for the second time in a row. In the previous rounds of the Champions League qualifiers, Ajax first defeated Orly's Graz storm 2-0 at home, and the second round away 3-1 to win the opponent's promotion; then the first round of the first round away 2-2 The Belgian giants standard Liege, the third round home victory over the opponents 3-0. Dynamo Kyiv first defeated Turkey's Bechpur in the first leg of the home match 5-0, but the second round away without being blocked. In the next round, Dynamo Kyiv defeated Prague's Slavia 1-1 in the first round of the away round and won 2-0 at home in the second leg, thus entering the final round of qualifying.

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