27 Aug 2018

WELLBET NEWS: Feather column: This week's MVP, turned out to be "it"? !

WELLBET EN News: Last weekend, Real Madrid played a half-time pass control, Barcelona played a half-court anti-reverse, Bayern suffered a logging team, C Ronaldo and the system bureau hit a full. Although the process has its own twists and turns, but Huang Saiwen still achieved the full victory after the start of the new season.
In these contests and even many other games, one factor has become the key to determining the final score. Therefore, this week's Continental League MVP.

[Bayern VS Hoffenheim: Can't get in, can you give a quick talk! 
Bundesliga players are happy. They play the least games in the five major leagues, and they have the longest winter break and summer vacation. It is a perfect life with less work and less holidays. However, the Bundesliga fans looked at other leagues in a fierce battle, but they could only endure the desire to watch the ball.
Fortunately, this weekend, the Bundesliga finally ushered in a long-lasting debut, fans no longer need to take out internal injuries.
For Bayern, there are many benefits to this long offseason. The first is that they have time to upgrade and upgrade the hardware. The effect is as shown above. The second is that the players can better rehabilitate their lives. In addition to the Gnabri, they are full of blood in the first battle. The third is to let the newcomers have a longer adaptation period. Better fit into this unique team.
Not to mention the newcomer this year, or head coach Kovac.
The arrival of Kovacs also brought a new "benevolence" to the team. Although the 11 people who started the opener were all old courtiers, he still put Hummels, Robben and Jiro on the bench. Seat. In their past positions, they were Jules, Koman and Muller.
The performance after the start of the game seems to prove the eye of Kovac. The squad is still stable, Koman is still demon, and Muller ran a vacant space, and scored a corner kick into Bayern's new season. did you see? Muller of the World Cup year, sure enough...
Sorry, I seem to have passed.
After a goal is behind, you can't get a 30% possession rate. Face the all-round high-end opponent. What do you think of Hoffenheim? Na Shuai’s team made the same choice as most of the Bundesliga: picking up the axe, picking up the chainsaw, and starting to cut the “Mu”.
Muller getting rid of is very annoying, then get started; Tiago, who is organized, is also annoyed, then he will step down; Koeman, who is constantly accelerating his direction, is even more annoying, and then he uses both hands and feet.
However, Huo Village's logging tactics did not completely block the personal play of Bayern stars, especially the two sideways with their traditional advantages.
On the right, Koman dare to shoot, and the opponent can only continue to choose the ball in front of his fake movements and acceleration. However, Kimihi’s biography is as good as ever, and the quality can always be maintained above the standard. Left Ribéry and Alaba have cultivated a tacit understanding of Guo Degang + Yu Qian for many years. If you take the ball, I will know that the edge is passed. You will know that the ribs will meet when you bring the bottom.
The two wings are flying enough to remind Bayern fans of too many good memories, but there are still many hidden dangers in the first half.
For example, Levan only had 6-foot pass and 10 touches in the half. These two figures are not as good as the other striker Saurow. I don't know if he has not yet integrated into Kovac's new system, or the past few months have not completely eliminated. For example, the fans who are eager to see his yellow robe and the emperor, after being constantly invaded and quickly climbed up, finally fell completely.
Although Robben was enough to make Huo Village desperate on the bench, the biggest hit in the line would still give the Bayern's new season a grayscale.
Because, Robben has transformed.
Compared with the "Peter Pan" of the year, Robben, who is 34 years old, has reduced a lot of speed assaults and changed his direction. More is to seek cooperation with his teammates. The advantage is that the safety factor has increased a lot, and the disadvantage is a slight lack. A little explosive power.
This is not, the traditional virtue of an intrinsic cut did not hit the target, Lewan is not easy to enter the ball is also offside, but Huo Cunxin's offense is wrong and turned into a wonderful goal of Saurow.
Originally, I was beaten very badly, and the score was tied. The Bayern players had a stronger temper, and everyone wanted to use their personal ability to hit the KO opponent.
Tiago smashed 5 pounds of sweat, and Muller had at least 250 words with the referee, but the final solution was the sidewalk. Ribéry was possessed by Grosso's soul, and Robben added Leva's penalty kick to the net - if this is the final story, then Robery will continue to be the hero of Allianz, Levan may Officially activate the center's back pot properties.
Fortunately, VAR gave Lewan the opportunity to save people, and the second time he took the emergency stop, Robben, who was about to enter the restricted area with the same route, forcibly frozen his time. Please forgive me for not laughing. .
Even this is not the picture of the most "Bayern" in this game.
In the last few minutes, Muller first launched a passive goal, and then VAR II retracted, and then the broadcast picture was still studying what Nana Shuai made a kit, Robben burst into "1-1 → 2-1 → 1-1 → 2-1 → 3-1 → 2-1 → 3-1" The grind story is drawn with the last ellipsis.
Yes, this is really Bayern.
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